The Viral 'Pink Sauce' on TikTok Is a Disgusting Sign of Our Times

On an average day, it’s hard not to scroll through your TikTok For You page and be met with a barrage of stomach-churning food trends. A few months ago, the public was captivated by “Spokane-style pizza,” a (completely made-up) concoction of mozzarella cheese, strawberries, and canned salmon; just last month, health-conscious TikTokers were trying “healthy Coke,” a trend that involved dousing seltzer with balsamic vinegar to purportedly try to mimic the iconic beverage (spoiler: it doesn’t work). And let’s not even discuss the people who make milkshakes in toilets for clout.

Yet for a wide range of reasons, over the past few days one food trend has come to dominate them all: Pink Sauce, a product created and marketed by a woman who goes by Chef Pii. Known for her bright, Pepto Bismol-hued concoction, which reportedly features such ingredients as pitaya (dragonfruit), raw honey, and pink Himalayan sea salt, Chef Pii rode the wave of success on TikTok for some time, with many users raving about the novelty of the sauce, if not about how it actually tastes. Yet over the past few weeks, she’s faced numerous questions about the ingredients, packaging, and marketing of the sauce, prompting a bigger social media-based food scandal than when a Bon Appetit himbo was called out for potentially promoting botulism.

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