The Walking Dead Recap: The Whisperers Are Here!

Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead was all about introducing us to the new world we were thrust into after that long time jump, and that meant we got to meet a lot of new characters. 

Even after all those years passed, Michonne was still struggling to get over the supposed death of Rick and reiterated that at the top of the episode. 

“I know you’re here,” she said. “I’m still here, too. But it hasn’t gotten any easier.” 

Judith, meanwhile, was on a mission to bring the group she found back to Alexandria and knew fine well it would cause problems for Michonne, who was adamant about not allowing new people to join them. 

But there was still hope. Michonne allowed one of them to receive health care courtesy of Siddiq and said they could plead their case to the council the following morning. 

Gabriel, Michonne, Aaron, Laura, Siddiq, and Nora were part of the said council and settled down to learn everything about these potentially new Alexandrians. 

Michonne noticed a flaw in one of the women’s tales and checked her arm. This confirmed the woman had done hard time in the slammer. 

But that wasn’t all: The group was told to get rid of all their weapons before entering the town, but Manga went against that rule and carried a knife in with her. 

That was enough for Michonne to change her outlook on these new additions, and rightfully so. 

Elsewhere, Carol was lapping up her status in the town. She had a new hairstyle, an awesome boyfriend, and was happy for the first time in a long time. 

The Kingdom was starting to fall apart, and Carol and Ezekiel wanted it all to be fixed up. Henry wanted to be upskilled to do some more stuff around the town. 

But Ezekiel was against it because he wanted to keep the boy safe. We also learned that Hilltop was distancing itself from the other communities. 

Carol went on a little adventure with Henry, and the pair found themselves in a trap set up by the Saviors, well, what remained of them. 

Carol handed over her engagement ring, and they were allowed to return home. Carol returned later and set the lot of them on fire because they made a fool of her. 

Back at Alexandria, the newbies were pissed that Magna’s knife landed them in hot water, and meant they were being sent back out to fend for themselves. 

Magna opted to sneak around and got set to kill Michonne … until she noticed there was a kid with her. Oh yes, Michonne had a child with Rick!

Magna then handed over her knife and apologized for her hostility. Michonne then had a chat with Judith about what the right thing was for them to do. 

In the end, Michonne admitted that there was no home for them at Alexandria, but offered to take them to the Hilltop.

The episode closed with Eugene and Rosita trying to install a radio to allow them to have communication with the other communities. 

But they were ambushed by zombies and found themselves hearing one of them talking.  

What the eff is going on?

The Walking Dead continues Sundays on AMC. 

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