They grow up so fast

Despite the TV talk show host’s rare posts about her daughter on social media, Kelly Ripa shared a picture of 16-year-old daughter Lola Consuelos on prom night alongside her date. The teen, who celebrates her 17th birthday next week, looked happy, gorgeous and super grown up in a lavender floor-length gown, strappy sandals, and a white corsage.

Prom night 2018

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In addition to posting a pic of Consuelos with her date, standing in front of a fountain, Ripa discussed the event on Live! With Kelly and Ryan with a combination of pride and consternation only a mom can have for her teen daughter on prom night.

“They are now hosting events where you as parents are allowed to show up and take pictures, so that you have them, and then your daughter can forbid you from showing them on your talk show,” Kelly said on the show Wednesday morning. “That’s how it went for my son as well. It was unbelievable. I’m, like, ‘I am not sure why you are robbing me of the privilege that all the other parents, like, all the other parents get to immediately post their photos on Instagram, why can’t I?’ And they’re like, ‘You know why.'”

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Ripa also discussed on the show how she and husband Mark Consuelos decided on a prom night curfew after a discussion with their persuasive daughter.

“I want my daughter to negotiate my next contract,” the TV host said. “She is a trained assassin. I had never seen a kid negotiate a contract this way, and then at a certain point she had us negotiating against ourselves. She is that good. She was truly remarkable in her getting extra time out of us, and then she did the baller move of all baller moves: She showed up a little early so we were like, ‘She’s so responsible!’ Even though she had negotiated a full two hours past what time we had thought was appropriate. She came home 15 minutes early, and she’s like, ‘See? I’m home.'”

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Ripa didn’t give many details about Consuelos’s date, except to say that the handsome teen with a bit of a beard was “the loveliest kid” with “great parents.”

Consuelos doesn’t appear on Ripa’s social media very often these days. In October, Ripa told Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show last October that Lola had gotten upset with her mom after she posted a Throwback Thursday picture of Consuelos in costume eight years prior.

“It’s so bizarre. I’m never allowed to post a photo of her, ever,” Ripa said, laughing. “Why did I have these kids if not to exploit them on social media?”

Ripa said that Consuelostold her to take it down because her friends “follow you for some reason and they will see this.” Rippa complied and removed the post, though she didn’t hesitate to show it to Fallon’s audience of millions.

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Lola Consuelos is the family’s middle child. She’s got an older brother, 21-year-old Michael, and a younger brother, 15-year-old Joaquin. No word on whether this recent pic was an exception to the “no sharing on social media” rule, or whether it’s the start of a new trend, but we hope to see more pictures of everyone in this adorable family.

Really, look at how cute they are in this rare Instagram pic of the whole fam at brunch:

Got spoiled by my offspring and baby daddy. Thanks for the fancy brunch guys.

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