This Dramatic Portrait Of Queen Elizabeth Is Set In The Scottish Countryside

The new official oil painting by Nicky Philipps is more dramatic than most representations of QE II in a green cape.

Sure the younger royals are making most of the headlines lately, but Queen Elizabeth has learned over the years how to bring the attention back to the monarchy with the unveiling of new official portraits. The most dramatic of portraits are now on display at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, the official Scottish residence of the British monarchy.

Vanity Fair says that in this new oil portrait of the queen, Nicky Philipps painted her in a dark green velvet ceremonial robe with an “Order of the Thistle” collar. Under the evergreen robe is a flowing white gown and to match, she is donning pearl drop earrings.

But one might think that this is an imagined outfit, but no, Queen Elizabeth wore this exact outfit this year to the Order of the Thistle at St. Giles’ Cathedral in Scotland. Though she isn’t wearing the matching green velvet cap complete with white feather, the monarch will now look down on the Scottish dining room with a wry smile.

People Magazine adds that the queen didn’t play it safe with this official portrait, opting for an outdoor setting for the background rather than posed in the palace.

“Behind her in the portrait are cloudy grey skies and a view of Salisbury Crags, cliffs located in Holyrood Park near the palace, her official royal residence in Scotland.”

This new oil portrait was commissioned by The Royal Collection Trust to “enhance” the experience for visitors to the dining room still used by royals for entertaining while up north. The Philipps’ painting will be hung alongside a portrait of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, painted by Sir William Oliphant Hutchison in 1967.

Nicky Philipps has painted Queen Elizabeth previously, as well as Princes William and Harry, but she explains the nerves still get to you.

“It’s nerve-wracking, but it is enormous fun, and it’s a fantastic honor to be asked to do it.”

A less dramatic but still regal portrait of the queen was shared with the public last month after it was commissioned by the Royal Air Force Club for the organization’s 100th anniversary.

This image of the monarch is more in line with the way most people picture her, seated at Windsor Castle wearing a tasteful pale blue dress with a simple string of pearls. Next to the queen on the floor is her black Launer London handbag, which has been her go-to purse since 1968 when designer Sam Launer first sent her a leather bag. Aides say that Queen Elizabeth has owned 200 Launer bags over the years.

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