TikTok Party in Huntington Beach Broken Up By Cops with Tear Gas

TikTok can draw a crowd for sure, much to the dismay of Huntington Beach residents.

An estimated thousand people swarmed the beachside community Saturday night and police broke up the bash that was called “Adrian’s Kickback.”

The party was advertised on Tiktok and went viral — with users all over the country chiming in on the possible bash. The viral vids clearly did the trick, with hordes of people filing the SoCal beach and streets.

The crowd started to form at around 6:30 PM and things got rowdy pretty quickly. By 7:30 it was going full bore and then the fireworks started going off. By around 11:30 PM … cops made their move, declaring the event an unlawful assembly.

Police used tear gas to break up the crowd. It was pretty much pure pandemonium as everyone started yelling as they either ran away or ran for cover.

At 11:30 PM the City imposed a curfew that lasted until 5:30 AM Sunday.

As for Adrian … his name is Adrian Lopez and the celebration marked his birthday. All he said on TikTok was “pop out n celebrate my bday.” That’s all it took.

BTW … we don’t know if any arrests were made.

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