Tiny Admits She Turned To Floyd Mayweather For ‘Attention’: But Did She Cheat?

Tiny Harris opened up about her relationship with Floyd Mayweather, & admitted she did turn to him for ‘attention’ — but was it anything more than that?

Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris finally addressed the rumors surrounding her possible affair with T.I.‘s nemesis, Floyd Mayweather. In a half-hour conversation with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss on her program a Kandi Koated Nights, Tiny revealed that she sought out Floyd for some attention, since she wasn’t getting it from her husband, T.I. “Everyone needs a little something, attention, especially when she ain’t getting it,” Tiny revealed. “If you ain’t giving it, she’s gonna go what, get it somewhere else.” However, Tiny goes on to say she didn’t cheat. “I didn’t really cheat. I didn’t have any sex,” she said.

HollywoodLife.com exclusively reported just days ago that Tiny jetted to Las Vegas when T.I. returned to LA for the BET Awards, and “let Tip wonder if she was there to hang out with Floyd… she definitely left him with questions about that.” Tiny was just in Sin City for a bachelorette party, but an insider did reveal that after T.I.’s latest indiscretions were revealed, she and the boxer “started talking again.”

T.I. was most recently caught slapping an unidentified woman’s butt backstage, kissing her neck and wrapping his arms around her. The pair, who have been married for eight years, have gone to battle on Instagram, essentially “sub-gramming” each other daily. “Note to women: Happiness needs no validation…. The Ego does. Most women out there nowadays just wanna be married to impress they friends, family (his side pieces) and fit into society’s standards. THAT’S NOT LOVE!!!” T.I. posted on July 15. Tiny swiftly responded with a video of Snoop Dogg, who explains how women helped him stay sane, and captioned the pic, “Crown the KING who knows that his QUEEN is the most important piece on the board.”

HollywoodLife.com heard exclusively that beyond the Instagram battles, Tiny is incredibly hurt by T.I.’s alleged indiscretions. “Tiny is hurting so much right now she can’t even look at pictures of T.I. without getting emotional, so she unfollowed him on Instagram. She doesn’t want to see what he’s posting, or who he’s still following,” an insider told HL. “Those close to her are trying to convince her that the healthiest thing for her, the kids, and T.I. is to get the divorce over and done with so they can all move on,” they said. However, we’re also hoping that this couple works things out, like they have in the past!

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