‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ Star Apologizes To Fans For String Of Inappropriate Tweets

Not your finest moment, Israel Broussard!

The 24-year-old actor — currently starring in the popular new Netflix film To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before — is desperately trying to contain the damage after several unacceptable old tweets were dug up this week.

Broussard quickly deleted the tweets in question, but not before they made the viral rounds on Twitter and across the net — and yeah, they are pretty damn ugly.

According to screenshots shared on Twitter, the controversial tweets in question reportedly included the following (below):

–Critical tweet comments about African-Americans participating in the Black Lives Matter movement

–Several homophobic tweets about the possibility that Broussard may one day play a gay character

–Alleged “like” activity on Broussard’s account for a series of anti-Muslim tweets

–A tweet claiming the Sandy Hook school shooting massacre was “staged” in order to “disarm the public”

–An allegedly racial remark about Japanese people presented as “a joke”

They’re all bad, without question — though that last one is particularly poorly timed considering the very movie that’s catapulted Broussard to stardom is also being lauded for its Asian-American romantic lead.

Regardless, the fall-out was swift, and Israel has released a public apology — also to Twitter — as you can see (below):

Yeah… Obviously, this isn’t ideal for Broussard or for Netflix.

Hopefully he understands why those tweets were so harmful in the first place and is truly repentant — not just embarrassed they were found.

What do YOU think of his apology??

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