Tom Jones’ wife warned ‘don’t disrespect me’ as he addresses pair’s ‘unspoken agreement’

Sir Tom Jones says his late wife 'loved The Voice'

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Sir Tom Jones lost his wife Linda to breast cancer in 2016. In a new interview, the 80-year-old singer credited his late spouse for keeping him humble as he discussed his career, upbringing and marriage. Tom began by saying Linda paid a “big part” in keeping him on track and prevented him from going off the rails at the height of his fame.

He explained he was “never interested” in taking drugs, but had been surrounded by many who took them at parties.

The Sex Bomb hitmaker said he was however a drinker, revealing he had to be “careful” that he didn’t overdo it.

On how he managed to avoid taking it too far throughout his career, he said: “I think it was a lot to do with my upbringing coming from a working class background.

“But then again, I’ve met other people from working class backgrounds and they change, there’s something that happens.”

Tom went on to credit his “no nonsense” wife Linda, who he says, kept him grounded.

He added: “We fell in love as kids, we grew up together and we got married at 16, she was just 16 and I was almost 17.

“The marriage was solid, that’s another thing, before I got my first hit record, the marriage was solid.

“She knew me inside out, I got away with some things, but it wasn’t that she wasn’t aware of it.”

The father-of-two went on to say the pair had an “unspoken agreement” when it came to him going away on tour.

On what she required from him, he added: “She said, ‘Never disrespect me’ and I said, ‘Linda I would never. I wouldn’t dream of it!”

Ahead of her death, The Voice UK coach said his childhood sweetheart had encouraged him to continue with his singing.

Following her passing, Tom sought therapy to help deal with his grief.

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The singer was advised not to “do anything stupid” by a therapist at the time.

He was also told he’d eventually “see things in a better light” as time went on.

“It’s taken a while, but I feel like I know what I’m doing,” he continued.

This summer, Tom will head out on tour after releasing his new album Surrounded By Time.

This week, he become the oldest man to top the UK album chart with the record.

He said of the achievement: “I am thrilled beyond words.

“It’s wonderful that the public has allowed me to be musically expressive at my time of life and have shown their support.

“I am forever grateful.”

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