Tommy Lee Claims He Paid $130K for Son Brandon’s Rehab as Family Feud Continues

The rocker also reveals that he spent $40,000 for his son’s birthday party and $10,000 for medical bills after ‘son knocks his father unconscious and uses ‘alcoholism’ as scapegoat.’

Tommy Lee has claimed he spent $130,000 (£99,000) for son Brandon Lee to go to rehab as their family feud rumbles on.

The father and son have had a massive falling out, sparked by an Instagram post Tommy shared on Father’s Day, June 17, where he said being a dad “ain’t easy”.

Brandon, who Tommy has with ex-wife Pamela Anderson, responded by uploading a video of Tommy apparently unconscious from a physical fight they had earlier in the year.

Not letting his 22-year-old son have the last word, Tommy has once again taken to the photo sharing site.

“Rehab for son: $130,000, Party for son’s 21st birthday last year: $40,000 (£30,000). Medical Bills after son knocks his father unconscious and uses ‘alcoholism’ as scapegoat: $10,000 (£7, 500), Son acting like a victim on social media on father’s day: Priceless.

“I’m out (mic) drop!” he posted.

At the time of their fight in March, it was reported they’d fallen out over Pamela, after the former Motley Crue drummer blasted his ex for talking about their allegedly violent marriage on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories.

Although Tommy, who also has 20-year-old son Dylan with the blonde actress, was hospitalised after his altercation with Brandon, he eventually stopped co-operating with investigators after initially pursuing legal action to reportedly teach his son a lesson.

In the wake of the fight, Pamela issued a statement saying her 55-year-old ex suffers from “the disease of alcoholism”, a claim he denies.

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