Tommy Lee’s Son Posts Video of Rocker Seemingly Unconscious

This Father’s Day wasn’t exactly one for the books in the Lee household. Tommy Lee’s son Brandon Thomas Lee posted a video on Instagram that appeared to show the former Mötley Crüe drummer unconscious.

“Look a little sleepy there Tommy,” the 22-year-old captioned the since-deleted clip on Sunday, June 17, of his father, 55, wearing a graphic T-shirt and boxer briefs while sprawled out on a carpeted floor.

Brandon’s post came just two hours after Tommy shared a candid message about the holiday on his own Instagram account. “Happy Father’s Day fellas! I’m not gonna sit here and post some fluffed up bulls–t for the public to read…. I’m gonna be honest- Being a father ain’t easy!” he wrote.

“I’m so tired of the fake s–t I keep seeing all over IG… let’s get real: It’s a rollercoaster ok?” the rock star continued. “My father taught me to respect everyone and everything and to take care of those that I loved. He taught me to appreciate my possessions, and to be grateful for the things I was given. I’ve f–ked up at times but I’ve always bounced back. When I had a child, my first child, I wanted to instill those same virtues into him. Sometimes I feel like I failed as a father, because my kids don’t know the value of things. If they break something, they don’t care because they know they’ll just get a new one, if they hurt someone, they don’t care because so many people tell them it’s OK. I never wanted this for my kids.”

Tommy went on to write that he isn’t “fully to blame” for his children’s behavior. He claimed that his ex-wife Pamela Anderson, with whom he also shares 20-year-old son Dylan Jagger Lee, “has a lot to do with it.”

“I guess I hoped at the end of the day they would end up kind,” he concluded. “I love them dearly, don’t get me wrong, but man, sometimes it’s really tough to watch your kids grow up without those morals. Nothing can really prepare you for fatherhood …. I love my boys but they can be a–holes too…and that’s the truth (Cue Honest Guy music).”

Brandon responded to his dad’s post soon after by referencing an alleged physical altercation that occurred between them in early March over Anderson. “Remember what happened last time you said this s–t? night night,” Brandon wrote before claiming that Tommy was an absentee father throughout his childhood. In a second post, he added, “If you want to bad mouth me, do it [to] my face. You post something for the world to see, saying that I’m a bad kid and my mom is a bad mother, what do you expect? … Let’s just drop it dude. You’re mad I didn’t say happy Father’s Day to you?? So what?! My birthday was on June 5th motherf–ker … I didn’t hear s–t from you… and I didn’t go telling the world what a let down you are. Come on man. It’s time to move on. Let’s keep this private.”

A source previously told Us Weekly that the March 6 incident between Tommy and Brandon was “representative of much bigger problems with family.” Brandon later said in a statement that he loves his father and wants “to see him sober, happy and healthy.” In response to the family drama, Anderson, 50, told The Hollywood Reporter in May, “I stay out of it. The kids are adults, and they make all their own decisions. I look at the differences in their personalities and their fearlessness and their ambition and their clarity, and I’m just so proud of both of them.”

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