Toronto Singer Keffa Drops ‘Disconnect’ & It’s The Breezy Summer Bop You’ve Been Waiting For

Toronto singer-songwriter Keffa just dropped a hot new single & much like his star-boy cousin, The Weeknd, he’s got the vocal pipes to go the long haul.

Keffa is the next artist from ‘the six’ to blow up. The Toronto rising star released “Disconnect,” the first single from his forthcoming Liyu EP on April 18, and it’s an impressive, soulful track that will have you pressing the repeat button.

The artist, coincidently cousin to The Weeknd, brought the feels on his new track. “We connected from the start//now it feels like we’re falling apart//don’t know where it all went wrong//feels like it’s all my fault,” he croons in the track’s relatable lyrics.

“‘Disconnect’ depicts a break up between a couple, where one isn’t yet willing to lose the connection they’ve built,” according to a press release. Keffa sings from the perspective of the person going through mixed emotions and making the conscious decision to disconnect, hence the title.  The best part? Fans can look forward to a music video as well! With the “Disconnect” visual coming later this month and you’ll definitely want to keep tabs on Keffa’s social media channels for details.

Check out Keffa’s new track above, and keep an eye out for the full EP due out later this summer on July 19th.

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