TOWIE star Lauren Goodger’s pregnancy has brought her back to her estranged father: ‘I left my dad when I was younger’

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She excitedly announced her pregnancy in January, and Lauren Goodger has revealed that the news of a new baby has brought her closer to her dad.

The former TOWIE star, 34, is expecting her first child with boyfriend Charles Drury, 23. And Lauren, who is super excited to become a mum, has said the baby has already helped heal her complicated relationship with her dad, Steve.

Speaking exclusively to New magazine, Lauren explained that her family have reached out to her. “Even people I haven’t spoken to for years. My dad,” she said. “They’ve all been lovely and kept in touch, and got me a card and £100 voucher for the baby.”

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When asked about her dad calling her, Lauren emotionally said, “I was on the bed and I went, “My dad’s ringing me” and Charlie said, ‘Go on, answer.’ I was on the phone for a while. I could tell he [Charlie] was really happy.

“My family isn’t perfect but I’m a very family-orientated person. I’ve made it very clear for years that I want to have a baby and get married, because I’m a family girl. Everything is brilliant that’s come out of this pregnancy. The feedback has been good.”

The star continued by explaining that her baby will be the first grandchild on her father’s side of the family.

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She said, “It’s his first grandchild and on my dad’s side I’m the eldest. This is the first baby on their side in 18 years. We’ve got a group chat that my sister’s made and they can’t wait. They said they can’t wait to do babysitting duties.”

She went on to say that her dad “hates” the fame side of her life. But added: “He’s not interested in it, but they are very happy and they really like Charlie. With my step-mum there’s a lot of history there of me growing up and it was really hard growing up with her, but she’s been lovely and is really keen to have us over and wants to make us dinner.

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“They really want to be a part of it and it makes me feel loved, which I haven’t always felt. I’ve always been quite strong and independent and didn’t know where I stood with them.

"But something like this, they look at me as a mum now, as an adult, and I’m not a little girl any more. I feel like now they respect me for having a baby and not doing it young. I know I’ve rushed this time and I have done it this way, but I’m a little bit older and this is my decision.”

She continued that her family aren’t “horrible people,” but added there is a “lot of history.”

Lauren, who is 22 weeks pregnant, said: “I left my dad when I was younger. I did my own thing, lived with my mum, got into a very serious relationship at 15 and went back and forth between his and my mum’s.

“My dad lost that relationship with me, so we don’t actually know each other that well, but I know that he loves me. Even my dad’s mum, we’ll chat on the phone and there’s a lot of childhood memories and she says, ‘Your dad does love you.’”

The star, who is gearing up to welcoming her first child, is said to be considering a water birth as she progresses through her pregnancy.

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