TOWIE’s Myles Barnett given a serious warning after THIS happened

It’s fair to say that the TOWIE bunch are not the shy and retiring type. Like, at all.

In fact, the current season of the show has been causing all types of havoc among viewers – mainly because the cast all appear to be locked in fisticuffs with each other roughly 70% of the time.

Yup. We’re getting a migraine just thinking about being involved in all that drama.

And it would appear that some of the cast are having to pay the price for their troublesome ways – as TV bosses have allegedly been forced to dish out a good ol’ precautionary warning to one of the boys.

As you may have noticed, TOWIE regular Myles Barnett hasn’t really had the easiest time on the show lately. The ‘fella has broken up from his lady, Courtney Green, and is now being accused of staying less than faithful to her during their time together.

Yup, not *exactly* all sunshine and roses for the Essex lad.

However, it would appear that things have only gone from bad to worse – as Myles has been given a stern warning from bosses after he was involved in the first ever physical fight on TOWIE!

According to a source, Myles was filming scenes for an upcoming episode when he came face to face with newbie Jordan Wright – who Myles has accused of causing his split from Courtney.

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According to a source on the show, ‘Myles and Jordan were shouting at each other then suddenly Jordan threw a drink, and Myles just lost it. He punched Jordan square in the face. It was madness.’

Following the alleged altercation, TV bosses have been forced to step in with a serious warning for Myles regarding his behaviour on the show, which can’t carry on.

Brighton turners ??

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This isn’t the first time Myles has found himself in hot water for his behaviour.

In fact, the ‘fella has certainly been ruffling a few feathers among TOWIE viewers – along with some of his other male cast members – and many fans have taken to social media to call the boys out on their aggression this series.

One user writes, ‘OMG the way the boys speak to their girlfriends on towie is a disgrace…last week lockie and now this week myles’.

Another shares, ‘The way some of the boys are behaving on TOWIE tonight is disgusting. A lot of young girls watch #TheOnlyWayIsEssex and its very worrying how behaviour like this is normalised’.

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