Travis Scott Accused Of Stealing Guitar Melody For ‘Highest In The Room’

Hip-Hop star Travis Scott has been accused of stealing the guitar melody for his 2019 No. 1 song, “Highest In The Room.”

Musicians Olivier Bassil, Benjamin Lasnier, and Lukas Benjamin Leth have filed a lawsuit against Scott in federal court in California.

They have also sued the other credited authors and producers of the song, Oz (Ozan Yildirim), Nik D (Nik Dejan Frascona), Mike Dean, Cash Passion (Jamie Lepr) and, Sean Solymar.

According to the 37-page filing, the artists originally created the melody for the song “Cartier,” the link to which they posted on a public forum for music producers, as well as Instagram, in an attempt to interest other musicians in licensing their work or teaming up for future collaborations.

“There is no doubt that Defendants’ ‘Highest in the Room’ was modeled after and copied original, prominent and qualitatively and quantitatively important parts of Plaintiff’s ‘Cartier,” the complaint reads.

Scott is yet to make a public comment about the accusation.

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