Travis Scott Faces Off With Meek Mill On Basketball Court After Nicki Minaj Slams Him

Celebs gathered in Houston for a charity event hosted by James Harden this weekend, and it led to a showdown between Meek Mill and Travis Scott on the basketball court. Watch here!

Travis Scott and Meek Mill went head-to-head during James Harden’s JH Town Charity Basketball Game on Aug. 19 — and based on this video, it looks like Travis one-upped his pal. The rapper can be seen shooting a bucket from the three point line and making the extra shot, despite Meek trying to block him on defense. Luckily, this game was all in good fun and just a little friendly competition to raise money for those in the Houston area who are excelling academically, but need financial support. Meek even gave Travis an impressed look after he made the shot!

Interestingly, this came on the same day that Travis got embroiled in a bit of beef with Meek’s ex, Nicki Minaj, on Twitter. Travis hasn’t actually said anything himself, but Nicki went off on Twitter about the comparison of their album sales. Although Travis took the top spot on the Billboard charts against Nicki, she wasn’t happy about his method of including an album with tour merchandise sales. This is something artists do regularly these days. However, since Travis had Kylie Jenner promote the merch and the fact that she was going on tour with him and bringing their daughter, Stormi, it seems Nicki felt that some fans only bought tickets — and therefore contributed to album sales — in order to see the reality star.

“I spoke to [Travis],” Nicki tweeted. “He knows he doesn’t have the #1 album this week. I love my fans for the #1 album in AMERICA!” She also promised that she would expand on her issues further during her Queen radio show on Apple Music Aug. 21.

Interestingly, both Nicki and Travis are slated as performers at this year’s VMAs on Aug. 20. Plus, Kylie is expected to join Travis at the show and, according to seating cards, they couple is seated DIRECTLY behind Nicki. Hopefully Nicki actually did talk to Travis like she claims…otherwise this could get pretty awkward!

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