Travis Scott Wants Astroworld Suit Dismissed, Files First Response of Many

Travis Scott doesn’t believe he should be tied to litigation when it comes to the tragedy that happened at Astroworld … which is why he’s asking a judge to nix one of the lawsuits against him.

The rapper just filed legal docs, obtained by TMZ, denying the claims against him by a guy named Jessie Garcia, who’s alleging he was in the crowd at the festival. Trav’s asking that his suit be dismissed with prejudice … specifically, as it pertains to TS himself, his company (Jack Enterprises) and his foundation/label (Cactus Jack).

Travis is issuing a “general denial,” which is a legal term in civil suits that allows one to submit one blanket response to all the allegations against them.

In other words, Travis is making clear that the deaths and injuries are not his responsibility, and he’s asking the judge to toss the suit against him and his entities.

BTW, sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … Travis is planning to issue a similar response for every civil suit against him — and trust us, there are many. He might be able to do it in one fell swoop though — last week, there was a motion filed to combine all 275 cases that have been filed thus far into one “multi-district litigation,” which would consolidate many of the suits.

The reason for the ask is because a lot of the claims are eerily similar … so just for efficiency, they’re asking one judge be assigned to the case. The court has yet to rule.

Anyway, now it’s clear where Travis stands … up until now, he’s only denied liability through public statements — saying he was unaware of what was going on that night — but now, he’s making it official.

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