Tristan Thompson Fears Kardashian Curse & Asks Khloe To Stay Home For Game 4

Tristan Thompson’s on edge knowing that the Cavaliers may go home tonight if they lose Game 4! He’s doing anything he can to make sure the Cavs don’t get swept by the Warriors, and, that includes asking Khloe to stay home and she’s not happy!

Who knew Tristan Thompson, was so superstitious? —  But, when you’re down 0-3 in the NBA Finals, you’ll do just about anything to preserve any luck you have left. Tristan’s not taking any chances tonight, as the Cleveland Cavaliers’ face elimination in Game 4 of the NBA Finals. The Golden State Warriors will play for it all tonight, and the Cavs will play to survive another day., which is why Tristan has asked Khloe Kardashian, 33, to watch tonight’s game from home because he fears the Kardashian curse.

Khloe and Tristan had a heated discussion when he suggested maybe she should watch game 4 from home,” a source close to the couple tells EXCLUSIVELY. And, Khloe was not happy about it. “She was hurt and offended that Tristan would not want her at the home game in person. He made it clear that he is trying to protect her from any blame should the Cavs lose this game.”

As for how Khloe feels about the whole “curse” ordeal that’s followed the Kardashians around for years? — “Khloe feels the curse is a ridiculous theory and there is no reason she could ever be blamed for any loss,” the insider reveals. “She told Tristan that nothing would keep her away from the game and from supporting her man tonight.” It looks like Tristan won’t be getting his way with this one!

Khloe just attended Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Cleveland on June 6. The Good American designer was photographed at Cleveland’s Quicken Loans arena, where she joined the crowd in their “blackout” donning a black tee, with “CLE” splashed across the front. And, you could have probably guessed that the Cavs lost that game (110-102), hence Tristan’s fear of the curse tonight.

The bottom line is, if the Cavs lose Game 4, they will officially be eliminated from the NBA Finals, and more embarrassingly, they would be swept by the Dubs on their home court.

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