The Trumps Vs. Obamas’ Meetings With The Queen — See The Differences In Fashion, Protocol & Snubs

Donald Trump & Barack Obama had two very different interactions with the Queen! See the huge distinctions between the two presidents’ royal meetings here!

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump had their first meeting with Queen Elizabeth, and it was not without its hiccups. At one point, Donald and the Queen were walking on the grounds of Windsor Castle after meeting, and Donald didn’t seem to quite know what the protocol was for walking with Her Majesty. Meanwhile, Barack Obama‘s interactions with the Queen usually had the both of them grinning ear to ear like old friends, and when Queen Elizabeth put her arm around Michelle Obama for a picture, and Michelle returned the hug, you just know how much Her Majesty loved the first lady’s company.

On top of that, it’s worth noting that the Trumps were only invited for tea at Windsor Castle. This is compared to the Obamas, who got a full-fledged state dinner at Buckingham palace. And while Barack, Michelle and the Queen were frequently accompanied by Prince Charles, the Queen had to entertain the Trumps solo. Check out all the striking differences in our gallery above!

Apparently, Prince Charles and Prince William are not fans of the Trump administration — at all. “Neither Charles or William wanted to spend any time with Donald Trump,” a Royal insider told us EXCLUSIVELY. “Both of them loathe the man. Charles thinks he is an absolute buffoon, and believes his views on the environment and climate change to be both dangerous and immoral. William is disgusted by comments Trump has made in the past about his late mother, and made it clear that he had no desire to even be in the same room as him, let alone shake his hand or speak to him.”

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