Tyga thinks he’s the reason Kylie Jenner will be a billionaire

That’s rich.

Despite apparently not being able to pay his own bills, Tyga thinks he’s the reason why ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner is on her way to becoming the world’s youngest “self-made” billionaire.

“Look at the before and after. She always had a platform and she was always destined to be what she was going to be regardless, but, when I stepped in, there was a lot of codes being taught,” Tyga, 28, told pal Nicki Minaj on her “Queen Radio” show Thursday.

“It was like, ‘You could do this,’ ‘you should start this,’ ‘you should start doing your hair like this,’ ‘you should adapt because you need black people to f–k with you,’” he recalled telling the 21-year-old makeup mogul, “because you need culture. If you ain’t got black people behind you, you ain’t got nothin’. Ain’t nobody gonna listen, you ain’t gonna influence nobody.”

“I had a lot to do with all that, which I don’t need credit for. I don’t need to go online and tell people, ‘I did this’ and ‘I’m the one helping her coming up with these colors and names on her … lip line,’” he added.

“It was a lot of stuff. But I’m not that bitter type of person because God’s gonna pay me back, the universe is gonna pay me back,” he continued. “People are seeing what’s happening now, so I’m not a bitter person. If we break up we break up. We keep moving. We went our separate ways and we’re both doing good.”

Tyga and Jenner split in early 2017, shortly before she hooked up with current beau and baby daddy Travis Scott.

Tyga may be chiming in now because he’s cash-strapped: In May, it was revealed he owes nearly $1 million in back taxes.

In March 2017, his ex, Blac Chyna, slammed him for not paying her child support. A month later, it was revealed he owes a concertgoer who sued him close to $250,000.

The “Rack City” rapper’s 2016 was plagued with even more financial discord, rife with vehicular repossessions and lawsuits from landlords and jewelers.

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