Uhm, Jason Derulo Knocked Out His Front Teeth Eating Corn with a Power Drill on TikTok

Important Jason Derulo update. No, he did not fall down the stairs at the Met Gala Emmys Oscars [insert literally any event here]. But he is out here on TikTok eating corn with a power drill and losing his front teeth in the process. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The singer, who recently and inexplicably chose to star in the movie Cats, hit TikTok on Tuesday to share a clip of himself snacking on a piece of corn attached to a drill. In the video, he innocently muses “Hey, have y’all seen this? I’ve always wanted to try it. Life hack” before turning the drill on. What could go wrong?!

Unfortunately, Jason starts screaming about half way through before showing his teeth to the camera only to find out that they are missing. Or at the very least supremely chipped. Jason shared the clip on Instagram with the caption “Don’t try this 😭😭.”

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Don’t try this ??

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Jason has been known to prank his followers, so it’s entirely possible that he did not, in fact, chip his teeth. Especially since The Daily Mail published some paparazzi pics taken after this incident, in which said teeth looked completely normal. Honestly who knows, so lemme go ahead and add “WTF happened to Jason Derulo’s front teeth” to my growing list of questions about 2020.

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