‘This Is Us’ Star Justin Hartley Says He Was Sexually Harassed By Fan

“This Is Us” fans are a famously passionate bunch, but Justin Hartley says one majorly crossed the line. 

The actor recounted a troubling experience with a woman who approached him when he was out with friends at a Chicago restaurant. Hartley claims he was sexually harassed by the fan in question. 

“This woman — who I don’t know, a stranger to me — recognized me and started screaming, going crazy,” he told Good Housekeeping. “She ran over and started kissing me.”

Hartley immediately rebuffed the woman’s alleged advances and asked her to respect his personal space.

“You do not walk up to people that you do not know and put your mouth on their face. If I did that to you, I would be in prison,” he said. “Please do not do that. And not that I’m trying to teach you life lessons, but I feel like this is a really good one for you. Don’t do that to anybody ever again.”

The “Smallville” alum said the woman did not exactly get the message and returned to his table after the alleged encounter to ask for a photo with the actor. Unsurprisingly, he flat-out denied her request.  

“I’m not taking photos with you after you sexually harassed me,” the actor said he told her. 

The ordeal didn’t exactly end well, with the woman allegedly calling Hartley “something more foul” than “jerk” before she left the group alone for good. 

Hartley, meanwhile, is getting ready to return to the set of “This Is Us” and reconnect with fellow cast members before the ratings powerhouse returns on NBC this fall. 

“I’m ready to go. It was good to have a couple of weeks … We’re in touch regularly. We have like 37,000 group chains that go through,” he recently told HuffPost. “The longest I’ve gone is a week or two without talking to every single one of them. I talked to Milo [Ventimiglia] yesterday. I talked to Sterling the day before yesterday. We’ve become pretty good friends. I’m ready to get back to work.”

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