‘Very peculiar’ Richard Osman opens up on why he avoids writing sex scenes in his books

Richard Osman tells Rachel Horne he bumped into her husband

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Richard Osman, 50, has opened up on why he won’t be writing a novel based romance and sex, admitting he’s just “not interested” in it. The revelation comes after he released his latest crime novel, The Man Who Died Twice.

I’m not interested in writing sex scenes

Richard Osman

It’s the second book in his Thursday Murder Club series, in which the first sold over a million copies and is now being adapted into a film by Steven Spielberg.

“I was worried it wouldn’t do as well as the first one, so I am thrilled at the reaction,” he chuckled during an appearance on this week’s Graham Norton Show.

But while the reception to the new book was nothing but glowing, he revealed in more depth why he won’t be including any sex scenes in his future work.

“I’m not interested in writing sex scenes,” he shrugged.

“I always find it very peculiar.

“Love and romance are absolutely fine, but I really don’t want to read about it, so I don’t write about it.”

He added, laughing: “Everyone you have ever met will think you are writing about yourself!”

Richard rose to fame on TV show Pointless, alongside his friend and co-host Alexander Armstrong, but now his writing career is taking off, people are wondering how long he’ll stick with it.

After appearing on Thursday morning’s Good Morning Britain, Richard pointed out that you can film “years” worth of quiz shows quite quickly, and as the BBC programme films four in one day, we should still expect to see him on-screen for the forseeable.

“I want to write forever now because I love it and I feel like I’ve got such a connection to it,” he explained to hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard.

“I’ll try to do Pointless for as long as I possibly can – nothing lasts forever.”

It comes after the TV star opened up in a recent interview about his long-term friendship with the singer, who he teamed up with to host the hit game show in 2009.

“I love Xander to bits but he’s so posh!” he laughed.

“You can almost endlessly wind him up, which is great.”

He went on to reveal to Metro.co.uk how the pair met: “I’ve known him a long time – 20 years, since Cambridge.

“I did sociology and politics there. He did English because he’s a bit cleverer than me.”

Richard previously spoke out to defend Alexander’s “privileged background” during a discussion about wealth in the world of TV.

“Xander is very aware of the privilege he had,” Richard explained to Radio Times.

“He’s a completely decent human being and he’s been nothing but kind to me.

He continued: “If ever there’s trouble, Xander is there for me. He will have my friendship and respect until my dying day.”

The Graham Norton Show airs tonight on BBC One 10.35pm.

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