‘The Walking Dead’: Jon Bernthal Has Been Spotted On Set — Returning For Season 9?

Jon Bernthal was spotted on the set of ‘The Walking Dead’ & fans are losing their minds! Here are a few options about what his appearance might mean for the series!

No, your eyes (or your eye, if you’re Carl or The Governor) are not deceiving you. Jon Bernthal was spotted on the set of The Walking Dead after a fan took a selfie with him and Andrew Lincoln as the two frenemies were grabbing some coffee — hey, slaying zombies does require a lot of caffeine after all. But if you’re eagerly waiting for good ole crazy Shane to return, there’s a slight problem with your theory. Not only is Shane dead, Shane is super dead. Shane not only got shivved in a field by Rick, the zombified version of himself was shot in the head by Carl (AKA CORAL). While a full comeback is not in the cards, here are a few options for how Shane will make a reappearance.

Scenario #1: Rick dies, or has a near-death experience, and meets Shane in some sort of spiritual realm. Maybe Rick and Ghost Shane make amends and shake hands (if that’s even possible for ghosts), and Shane goes off with Rick’s former wife, Ghost Lori, since Rick is still with Michonne (and honestly, who wouldn’t want to be with Michonne?).

Scenario #2: There’s a major flashback. This theory is a little less likely considering the fact that it would also require Rick to shave his epic beard. And let’s be real, no one is telling the guy who took down the bat-man, Negan, to do anything different with his facial hair.

Scenario #3: Shane appears as a vision to Rick, taunting him. Just like Morgan’s Macbeth-like visions of those he’s killed, perhaps similar apparitions will haunt Rick next season. If this is true, maybe we’ll also see the return of The Governor, or the abusive husband of the woman he really wanted to sleep with in Alexandria.

Time will tell exactly how Shane appears again. We’ll keep you posted with any more sightings of Jon Bernthal on the show’s set!

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