Warrant issued for Demi Lovato’s alleged drug dealer

Brandon Johnson, who admitted to giving Demi Lovato “dirty” prescription drugs the night she overdosed, is a wanted man.

The Los Angeles County D.A. issued a warrant for Johnson’s arrest, TMZ reports.

Johnson, 31, failed to appear for an arraignment stemming from his June arrest for cocaine possession and DUI.

Once Johnson is apprehended, he’ll be held on $26,000 bail, the site reports.

The June bust is just a blip on Johnson’s lengthy rap sheet.

In March, he was arrested for felony possession of narcotics and a firearm. He reportedly had $10,000 cash on his person and was carrying a fully loaded semi-automatic handgun.

When police searched Johnson’s residence, they allegedly also uncovered “additional narcotics, ammunition, [a] high capacity gun, rifle magazines and three handguns, one of which was stolen,” the Los Angeles Daily News reported at the time.

Though Johnson admitted to providing Lovato, 26, with prescription drugs he claimed weren’t “pharmaceutical” — reportedly oxycodone laced with fentanyl — he won’t face any charges related to her July overdose, because the incident was treated as a medical emergency, not a crime.

Johnson claimed that he freebased with Lovato the night she overdosed and left after she fell asleep.

Hours later, an assistant called 911 when she found Lovato unconscious and unresponsive in her bed and thought the singer had died.

Responding paramedics reportedly revived Lovato with Narcan, an emergency drug that reverses the effects of an opiate overdose.

The “Tell Me You Love Me” singer was released from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles two weeks after the overdose and is currently in rehab.

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