Washingtonians need to clean up DC

I’m cranky: Washington mouths, not alive with the sound of music, have widened so they could swallow the Lincoln Memorial whole.

They are always bitching about everything else . . . How about what the city actually looks like?

How about they just trash and crash the capitol itself? If the area were a building, it would be condemned. The main artery into DC resembles a war zone.

Broken sidewalks. Dregs. Open deserted lots filled with discarded soda cans, graffiti, rotted junk, rubber tires, strewn paper, chalk marks, cigarette butts, dog poop, empty bottles, dirty plastic bags, open garbage, drug paraphernalia, abandoned syringes, filthy rags, junky clothes, broken plumbing facilities. Yards of detritus.

It’s curb-to-curb degradation.

Washingtonians should see why entry roadways into this fabulous nation’s capital smell. Garbage, filth, panhandlers. What grand glorious way to defend this grand glorious center of the free world. Home of the Capitol, White House, Supreme Court, State Department, Smithsonian and other museums, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Monument, Pentagon, Taft Memorial, Martin Luther King’s Stone of Hope.

Elvis, alive, is probably in there.

I did stories on DC’s former mayor. Marion Barry. Married. While in office, he did bigtime drugs in a hotel room with an ex-girlfriend. I was his wife’s friend. She came to my home. We visited one another. That four-time mayor of this pure, pristine beloved crapital was found guilty — smoking “93 percent pure crack cocaine.”

DC people: Go clean up your disgusting streets. Remove drunks. Clear roadways leading to the most powerful institutions on this planet so that foreign diplomats who hate us can respect our beloved flag and not pass those urinating in gutters.

Washington does balls, parties, back-slapping, inaugurations, photos, ladies in long gowns. Each helping some group of mankind — the underprivileged, undernourished, sick, needy. Great. But how about helping US?

Many political pros enjoy Chevy Chase, Georgetown, the Potomac, bike trails, gardens in Maryland and Virginia. They choose not to live in DC. Fine. But how about they help their country. Help their capital. Help DC. Clean it. Drive by the approach, see how rank it is. Smelly. Putrid. Vile. The area, a sewer, lacks only a dead body decaying there.

This once Algonquin territory was established 1791 by our first president. Its 68 miles established in perpetuity by our Constitution. Fix it before the hair on Lincoln’s monument turns gray.

What I’m hearing…

Mouths Ann Coulter and analyst Sam Nunberg locked in debate at the Beach Cafe until the early morning hours. No topic left unturned.

Val Kilmer tells me he’s back again. He’ll do “Top Gun: Maverick.” A Tom Cruiser. Gorgeous gal Gal Gadot to do “Red Notice,” another kick ’em, beat ’em, bash ’em action job.

Chef was against food waste

Coming our way are assorted Anthony Bourdain memories, stories, tributes. One is a film he produced about wasting food. Combined knowledge claims a third of whatever edible this planet grows, manufactures or somehow produces gets — not eaten — but discarded in some way. Goes into the ground, even ends in landfills. The tragedy being that’s in a world where starvation exists.

A friend indeed about his friend in need: “Dumb? Put it this way. He once opened a flower shop — but the place was closed every Mother’s Day.”

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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