Watch Justin Bieber Serenade Hailey Baldwin With Love Songs in Front of Buckingham Palace

Justin Bieber’s in love, probably legally married, and ready to shout sing about it from the rooftops. While on a PDA-filled trip to London with Hailey Baldwin, the 24-year-old singer set up shop in front of Buckingham Palace to sing to his (literally) blushing bride.

After the couple took a trip on the London Eye on Sept. 18, Justin, no stranger to street performing, looked perfectly at home opening his guitar case and busking by the palace’s fountain. He proceeded to serenade Hailey with love songs, including his own “Cold Water” and Tracy Chapman’s hit “Fast Car.” Naturally, Hailey documented the romantic moment on her phone, as did fans who were lucky enough to catch a second of his public performance. Watch a clip of Justin’s gesture above, then keep reading to see more sweet snaps from their day in the UK.

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