WATCH Love Island’s Eyal Booker sing All About That Bass in cringe video

Love Island’s resident gap year warrior, Eyal Booker, has certainly made some cosmic waves across the universe and onto social media – with many debating whether the ‘fella has been a bit snakey during the Megan love triangle drama.

Chakras? Aligned. Star signs? Compatible. Karma? Pretty shifty after he mugged off Alex, but working on it.

But hey, he’s just a spiritual ‘fella going with the flow, right?!

Whilst the Love Island boys battle over Megan’s affections on screen, we’ve found ourselves a little distracted elsewhere… specifically, with the revelation of Eyal’s music career.

No kidding.

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A video has emerged which has revealed Eyal’s musical past as part of the questionable four-piece band Ever Young – and Love Island fans are riling in the revelation.

In a video from his fleeting pop career, Eyal and his gang perform a rendition of Meghan Trainor‘s song All About That Bass whilst dressed like an extra for Peaky Blinders.

You honestly couldn’t write it.

Of course, Love Island fans have been *all* over the emergence of Eyal’s past ventures into the world of sweet, sweet music on social media.

Sharing the video, one user writes: ‘Can hardly believe it’s real, but I have discovered Eyal singing ‘all about that bass’ and I’m screaming #loveisland‘.

Another, marginally less impressed viewer, shares, ‘Not sure what’s more dislikable Eyal or his cover of all about that bass’.

— aidan? (@aidandlrx_) June 14, 2018

Another writes, ‘What the flyin flip is that video of eyal singing all about that bass dressed like a chimney sweep btw a feel f**kin violated me eyes bleed’.

Oh, and fear not friends of Love Island… Eyal wasn’t simply a one hit wonder – and there’s actually *plenty* more where that came from.

In another music vid, Eyal disregards all basic knowledge of health and safety and stands on the bar of a cafe singing about his ‘sneaker feet’.

Lets hope he washed his hands, first!

Oh, and he *really* likes Little Mix too…

Don’t worry Eyal, we all have skeletons in the closet hun.


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