Wendy Williams Convinced Beyonce Is Pregnant & Challenges Kim Kardashian To Catch Up

Wendy Williams joins the Bey Hive in their belief that Beyonce is pregnant! She’s convinced Bey is carrying baby No. 4 after seeing THIS video, and she took the opportunity to call out Kim Kardashian!

“Yup, she’s pregnant,” Wendy Williams, 54, said about Beyonce, 36, on July 18! But, is she? — The Bey Hive has been on case since recent videos from Beyonce and JAY-Z‘s On The Run II Tour appear to show the singer looking “fuller” fans say. However, we think she looks flawless, per usual. Anyway, a suspicious video of Bey recently performing caught the eye of Wendy and it completely swayed her to believe the singer is pregnant with baby No. 4. “I believe Beyonce is pregnant. Congratulations,” Wendy told her studio audience on Wednesday.

To spice things up, Wendy threw Kim Kardashian, 37, into the mix, where she implied that Kim emulates Bey’s life. “What’re ya going to do now, Kim?” she asked before challenging Kim to level up with Bey. “Kim has 3 kids, just saying,” Wendy noted, adding that all of the Kardashian-west and Carter babies are “adorable.”

Here’s the video that convinced Wendy to believe that Bey is actually pregnant with baby No. 4:

And, here’s the second video that has since gone viral with baby buzz:

While the rumor mill is working overtime with Beyonce baby news, Bey, herself, nor JAY, 48, have addressed or confirmed that they’re expecting a fourth child together. Beyonce recently gave birth to twins, Rumi and Sir Carter on June 13, 2017. The hip hop duo are parents to their first child, 6-year-old Blue Ivy.

But, why would a fourth baby make sense? — As Wendy pointed out, Bey and JAY are obsessed with the number 4. Bey, Jay, and Bey’s mother were all born on the 4th; Bey and Jay later married on 4/4 in 2008; And, Blue has the name “Ivy” because IV is the roman numeral for the number 4. Oh, and, JAY’s most recent album is titled “4:44”. So, is it that farfetched?

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