What an expert had to say about Melania Trump’s body language at the RNC

The 2020 Republican National Convention created a major internet buzz, and viewers from both sides of the aisle had a lot to say about first lady Melania Trump’s speech in support of President Donald Trump’s candidacy. According to The Washington Post, the Slovenia-born first lady’s speech was a calming moment in the middle of the ongoing Trump family “rant” against their detractors.

“I urge people to come together in a civil manner,” Melania said. “Instead of tearing things down, let’s reflect on our mistakes — and look to a way forward.” Though Melania seemed relaxed and poised to the naked eye, body language expert Dr. Reneé Carr, a psychologist and political and corporate advisor, shared an exclusive perspective with The List on what she noticed during Melania’s speech.

What was the first lady’s body language really conveying to Americans and the world? Keep scrolling to see what an expert had to say about it. 

Expert says Melania Trump's words were genuine

Melania Trump is no stranger to standing in front of thousands and speaking on behalf of her husband, but the Republican National Convention is an entirely different beast and warrants a bit of nerves. According to Dr. Reneé Carr, Mrs. Trump was noticeably nervous during her speech. 

“From nervousness, her voice slightly wavered as her speech began; and she took slightly deeper breaths to calm herself,” Carr said. She also noted that “very little emotions were present because her primary goal was to read and enunciate rather than display a facial affect to attract or evoke the emotions of others. Therefore, when she did emote, it made those words stand out.”

Despite her nerves, per Dr. Carr, Melania’s words emphasizing the greatness of the United States were sincere. Carr pointed out, “Melania truly believes that America is beautiful, as she slightly rounded her shoulders when saying ‘swept across our beautiful country'” and her “voice slightly also tightened when stating, ‘my husband and I are grateful’ to the healthcare frontline workers and teachers.” Though her words were genuine, Carr believes the first lady didn’t feel confident in her own performance. 

“Melania became tired toward the end of the speech as represented by increased word stumbling while she read,” Carr said, adding that the first lady “was relieved when the speech was over,” but was also unsure of her performance because “her face became strained when off the podium.” Was the speech convincing enough? Only time will tell. 

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