Who Is Joseph Baena? 5 Things To Know About Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Look-A-Like Son

After Joseph Baena re-created his father, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iconic, bodybuilder pose, everyone wants to know who he is! Here’s 5 facts about the actor’s look-a-like son!

Joseph Baena, 21, is grabbing the attention of social media users from all over the world after he recreated his father’s bodybuilder pose on January 14. And, his father is none other than actor, author and business extraordinaire, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 71. Baena honored his dad’s pose, which was inspired by the original photo, taken after the actor won Mr. Olympia for the sixth straight time in 1975. Here’s five facts about Joseph Baena!

1. Joseph Baena is a California native. — He is the son of actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mildred Patricia Baena, a chef. Mildred was the actor’s former housekeeper with whom he had an infamous affair with, which resulted in an illegitimate love child, Joseph.

2. He’s an athlete and an actor. — Baena who was a swimming champion in high school (Frontier HS), knows a thing or two about other sports. He’s a fitness fanatic, who lifts heavy weights and documents his workouts on social media. Baena even trains with his father. And, he describes himself as an actor in his Instagram bio.

3. Baena is a student. — He attends Pepperdine University, according to his Instagram, where he plays rugby for the University. And, he’s in a fraternity. Baena posted a photo with a bunch of male friends with the caption, “Taus baby!”, as the guys all held the same “T”-shaped pose to symbolize their fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega (ATO).

4. He dated Savannah Wix. — According to the timeline on his Instagram, Baena began dating Wix — a Theta and pageant queen — sometime around September 2017. However, it appears as though they may have split in mid 2018, because, coincidentally their last photos with each other were from August 2018. Wix hold the titles of Miss Arizona USA and Miss Malibu.

5. Baena loves the outdoors! — He enjoys hitting the beach in his spare time with his dog. He also loves to surf, skateboard and travel. He’s been everywhere, from Greece, to Italy, Barcelona and Switzerland.

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