Why is Hope Hicks Headed to L.A.?

Everyone who comes to Los Angeles has a dream, they say. But for Hope Hicks, former communications director for the Trump White House, the whole working as a server while you head to auditions won’t be in the picture. According to The Cut, she’s got a brand-new job at Fox, which will put her out on the West Coast, far, far away from the machinations of the Capitol.

Politico reports that Hicks’s new position is officially executive vice president and communications director at Fox. Though Twitter users are assuming that she’ll be doing PR for the network, Politico clarified, saying that she’ll probably be focused on corporate communications as Fox and Disney work out exactly what their new merger entails. With Disney acquiring 21st Century Fox, the companies remaining properties, Fox News, Fox Sports, and the broadcast network, will become simply FOX, which would fall under Hicks’ purview. Yahoo adds that she’ll report to Viet Dinh, the network’s chief legal and policy officer.

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Her soon-to-be colleagues are already welcoming her with open arms and her former co-workers are offering up congratulations.

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Twitter users weren’t surprised, with many voicing their opinions on the matter, saying that it was only a matter of time that someone from the Trump administration would move to his media outlet of choice.

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The Cut notes that Hicks resigned from her position at the White House back in March, saying that she’d gone as far as she could. During her tenure at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., she became one of President Trump’s most trusted staffers. When she left, he said that she was “smart and thoughtful as they come, a truly great person.”

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