Why Prince William and Harry Never Talk About Their Step-Siblings

Although Prince Harry and Prince William live their lives in the public eye, not everything about them is up for public consumption — even when it comes to family. The brothers have two much less discussed step-siblings, Laura Lopes and Tom Parker Bowles, who tend to duck out of the limelight.

Even years after William and Harry’s dad Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles, there is a bit of fascination surrounding her publicity-shy children. One reason for the allure? Harry and Will never really talk about them. 

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Their parents were married after all four kids were already adults, and unlike Will and Harry, Laura and Tom do not seem keen to step into the spotlight. Still, that doesn’t mean fans know nothing of them. Here are some interesting facts about the royals’ “secret” siblings. 

Tom and Laura are the older siblings in the family. 

Will and Harry are the younger two, since Lopes is 40 and Tom is 43. They are both the children of Camilla’s first husband Andrew Parker Bowles.

Laura is a mom of three. 

Lopes is a mom of three, and co-founded London’s Eleven Gallery in 2005. She and her brother appear to be close to William and Harry. The princes were on hand for her nuptials in 2006, and Laura’s eldest daughter, 10-year-old Eliza, served as a bridesmaid in the Duke of Cambridge and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011.

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Like Meghan Markle, Tom has an affinity for cooking.

Tom is a cookbook author, food writer, and critic, who released his sixth book The Cook Book: Fortnum & Mason in 2016. He has also appeared on MasterChef and won the Guild of Food Writers award in 2010 for his writings on British food, so needless to say, he’s good in the kitchen. 

They’re private citizens, not public figures.

The biggest reason why Harry and Will probably don’t go discussing them in public? They aren’t celebrities or royals. They each keep their lives far more private than their step-siblings do, and it’s safe to assume that their family respects that.  

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