Will Staci & Evan Felker get back together now that Miranda Lambert dumped him?

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Within one week, two things happened: we learned that Evan Felker’s divorce from Staci Felker had come through, and we learned that Miranda Lambert had dumped Evan Felker. I was going to say that those two things happened at the same time, but we don’t know. I think Miranda got bored with Evan pretty quickly because “the hunt” was over: she successfully homewrecked a married man in a matter of days. She tried to create some drama for herself by stalking Staci Felker a little bit, but even then, Miranda has a short attention span when it comes to men. So Miranda is already on to the next one. What about Evan? Will he somehow reunite with his long-suffering ex-wife?

Evan Felker and ex-wife Staci Nelson will not be moving back into the house that built them following the musician’s split from Miranda Lambert earlier this month. Though fans are speculating about a reunion between the Turnpike Troubadours singer and Nelson, a source close to the pair tells PEOPLE “there is no reconciliation in the works.”

“They’re not getting back together,” says the source. “They haven’t even been divorced for two weeks.”

Multiple sources have confirmed to PEOPLE that Lambert, 34, and Felker’s relationship took off after his band opened for three dates on her Livin’ Like Hippies tour in early February. According to an insider, he served his wife with divorce papers just 15 days after meeting the “We Should Be Friends” singer in person for the first time, and on Aug. 17, a source confirmed that Felker and Nelson’s divorce was finalized. Just one day before news broke that Lambert and Felker called it quits, Nelson defended him on social media.

“She’s defending him now because he gave her what she wanted, which was a divorce,” the source adds.

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I was saying that Staci would take Evan to the cleaners and move on quickly, but I’ve read that Evan got their Nashville home in the divorce. Staci hopefully moved out of the house already and she’s had enough time (??) to find a new place. Starting over… it’s not such a bad idea. No backsliding, start fresh with a new apartment, new job, new man, whatever. I hope she doesn’t even answer his calls ever again.

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