Did XXXTentacion Predict He’d Die Young? Watch Eery Video Taken Before Fatal Shooting

In his final Instagram live video hours before his June 18 murder, rapper XXXTentacion seemed worried he might tragically ‘die or be a sacrfice.’ We’ve got his eery, haunting message.

Wow, this is spooky. Just two hours before 20-year-old Miami rapper XXXtentacion was brutally shot to death on June 18, he had taken to Instagram live where he seemed worried that his number cold be up soon. “Worst things come to thing comes to worst, I die a tragic death or some sh*t and I’m not able to see out my dreams, I at least want to know that the kids perceived my message, were able to make something of themselves and were able to take my message and use it and turn it into something positive and to at least have a good life,” he said into the camera while behind the wheel of his black BMW. Its the same car he was later shot in while sitting in outside a Deerfield Beach, FL motorsports shop.

“I  at least..if I’m going to die or ever be a sacrifice, I want to make sure that my life made at least five million kids happy. Or they found some sort of answers or resolve in my life.Regardless of the negative around my name, regardless of the bad things people say to me I don’t give a f**k,”  XXX — real name Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy — continued. He was referring to his numerous arrests for violent behavior, including an alleged brutal physical assault of his girlfriend in 2016 that left her needing expensive eye surgery to treat her facial injuries.

“Because I know my goal in the end and I know what I want for everyone is to know what my message is. So I just want to say I appreciate and love all of you. I believe in you all. Do not let your depression make you, do not let your body define your soul. Let your soul define your body. Your mind is limitless and you are worth more than you could believe. All you have to do is dream, and all you have to do is want to fulfill that dream and have strength,” he finished his inspirational message.

It’s almost as if he knew something ominous laid ahead for him because he’s passing on crucial life advice to his fan in case he wasn’t around one day. Only two hours later two armed suspects approached XXX while he was sitting behind the driver’s seat of his BMW in the parking lot of RIVA motor sports. One opened fire, hitting the young rapper and witnesses to the shooting said he had no pulse before police and EMT’s arrived. He was taken to a local hospital and sadly pronounced dead. The Broward County Sheriff’s department has stated that the motive could have been a possible robbery, and no suspects have been arrested yet.

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