Yikes! Love Island’s Jack shares sex revelation about first night with Dani

Not everyone could have the real life actual Danny f*cking Dyer as their future father-in-law and still get away with their usual tricks.

But then again, Love Island‘s Jack Fincham is one hell of a special guy…

And so, Jack has *actually* found the nerve to speak out about the first time he and Dani Dyer did the, er, deed after leaving the villa.

Come on now, we’re all adults here.

During their time in the Love Island villa, Jack and Dani had decided to keep a lid on their bedroom antics – waiting until they were back on home soil to get frisky.

And despite all the build up, Jack has revealed their first time alone together was a bit of an anti-climax. Yikes!

Speaking on BBC Radio One this morning, 26-year-old Jack admitted he was somewhat to blame: ‘Look, the first time, as you can imagine… it wasn’t a great performance from me.’

Jack then added cheekily added: ‘I’d built it up for a long time mate! I tried to make it as romantic as possible but, you know…’

Yes. We know, Jack, we know.

Whilst it would be easy to assume that Jack’s X- rated chat might land him in a bit of hot water with Danny senior, it would appear that the pair are getting on like a house on fire.

Speaking of his first few weeks getting to know Dani’s dad, Jack shares: ‘He’s so cool honestly, They’re very similar to my own family. They’re very chilled out, we just went round and a nice takeaway.’

Jack added: ‘It felt normal straight away. I felt like I’d known him for ages.’

Whilst Jack and Dani might be away from the warmer climes of sunny Majorca, the pair won’t have to miss each other for too long – as they are due to move into their ‘nice London gaff’ next week!

Here’s hoping we’ll land ourselves our own an invite for a takeaway over at Casa Jack and Dani soon!

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