Yoda Will Play a Critical Role in Star Wars’ New Series ‘The High Republic’

The Skywalker Saga is no more (well, until the Obi-Wan Kenobi series) and Star Wars has begun its bold new era, The High Republic.

For the most part, the epic story of the High Republic – set around 200 years before The Phantom Menace – won’t be told on screen. Instead, it will be an interconnected universe of books and comics, but upcoming TV show The Acolyte will be set during the late High Republic era.

Given when it takes place in the Star Wars timeline, there won’t be too many appearances from established characters (although we might see their ancestors). However, the first adult novel, Light of the Jedi, does see OG Jedi legend Yoda play a critical part in the huge event that kickstarts the series.

In case you’re yet to delve into Light of the Jedi, there will be minor spoilers ahead so look away now if you want to remain completely spoiler-free.

The thrilling first part of Light of the Jedi centres on the “galaxy-wide disaster” that was teased before the book’s release. The Legacy Run is on a standard journey through hyperspace to the Outer Rim when it’s forced to maneuver around an object in hyperspace, something that absolutely should not happen.

Since it’s an old ship, the strain of the maneuver proves too much for the Legacy Run and it breaks apart in hyperspace, sending fragments of the ship flying out of hyperspace and appearing all over the Outer Rim without warning.

The Hetzal system and its main planet, Hetzal Prime, finds itself the unwitting landing site of most of the fragments. Fortunately, the Jedi are on hand to help save lives and led by Jedi Master Avar Kriss, they coordinate a huge rescue mission in the system, but it might all prove to be for nothing.

One part of the Legacy Run contains liquid Tibanna, a highly explosive substance, and it’s heading straight for one of the Hetzal system’s three suns. If it hits, it would put out radiation that “would cook the entire system in a matter of moments”, so Avar Kriss needs the help of the Jedi across the galaxy to push the fragment out of the sun’s path.

It’s here where Yoda comes into play, as the ancient master (although not quite as ancient as in the Skywalker Saga) is part of this huge effort: “Even Yoda, wherever he was with his little crew of younglings – his great, wise mind sang its own part of the chorus, heartbreakingly beautiful, a voice of pure light belying his physical appearance.”

While we don’t see Yoda during this moment, he plays a key role alongside his fellow Jedi to successfully move the fragment enough so that it only glances the sun, saving countless lives in the process.

The rest of Light of the Jedi is centered on the Jedi’s investigation into the Legacy Run disaster and its connection to the High Republic’s main villains: the Nihil. The discovery they make is sure to have ramifications for the remainder of the High Republic series, but we’ll leave that for you to find out.

Once he’s helped save the Hetzal system, Yoda presumably goes back to teaching his younglings the ways of the Force, before he pops up at the end of Light of the Jedi at the dedication ceremony for the Starlight Beacon. The Beacon will serve as a new outpost for the Jedi in the Outer Rim and is sure to play a part in future novels.

Nobody knows why Yoda is there because he’s on a Sabbatical from the Jedi Council when he attends the ceremony with his class of younglings: “His reasons for attending the dedication of the Starlight Beacon were his own. Yoda kept his own counsel.”

Perhaps Yoda’s reasons will come to light in future High Republic outings, especially in the Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures where Yoda will feature prominently as he teaches his younglings with a hands-on approach as they travel around the galaxy.

But maybe Yoda just likes being mysterious.

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