Yohan: 5 Things To Know About K-Pop Star Who Has Sadly Died At 28

K-Pop star Yohan tragically passed away at the young age of 28 on June 16 in South Korea. The beloved singer was a part of the K-Pop group TST and was known to fans around the world. Here are five things you should know about Yohan.

K-Pop fans everywhere are in mourning over the loss of singer Yohan, who passed away during the evening of June 16 in South Korea. His family, likely seeking privacy, has yet to confirm the cause and manner of Yohan’s death. Yohan’s label, KJ Music Entertainment, confirmed the news in a statement to a Korean news outlet and was later reported by American and English outlets, saying, “We are sad to relay the most unfortunate, sorrowful news.”

“On June 16, TST member Yohan left this world. Yohan’s family is currently in deep mourning. The family has pleaded that media articles about Yohan’s passing, such as those making speculations about the cause of his death, be refrained out of respect. We express our deepest condolences in light of Yohan’s final parting.” Here are five things to know about Yohan.

Yohan and TST in 2018 [AP Images].

1) He was a member of the K-Pop band TST. Yohan joined TST in 2017, debuting two mini albums in their first year together entitled Times Up and Wake Up. The band was originally named Top Secret, but chose to rebrand themselves by changing their name in 2018. They released their first single in May 2018 titled “Love Story,” which was later followed up by the single “Paradise” released in November of the same year. TST released their fourth single album, Countdown, in January 2020 and had been spending the last few months promoting their work.

2) Yohan was in another K-Pop group prior to joining TST. Before he became a part of the group TST/Top Secret, Yohan got his first brush with fame in 2015. That year, he joined the K-Pop group NOM (No Other Man). Unfortunately, the group didn’t last long and later disbanded in 2017, when Yohan joined TST.

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3) He had a major social media following. Like many K-Pop stars, Yohan was adored by an international audience. On his own Instagram account, the singer boasted roughly 32 thousand followers. Although he had only posted 76 photos and videos by the time of his death, Yohan appeared to live an incredibly fulfilling life, making his loss all the more tragic.

4) Yohan is being mourned by fans across the globe. On the morning following his death, the World Music Awards official Twitter account paid tribute to Yohan, assembling three photos of the singer with the message, “K-Pop star [Yohan] from the Group [TST] leaves us at just 28,” adding a broken heart emoji and prayer hands emoji. A number of fans left messages, with some adding crying emojis and others wishing that the young singer would “rest in peace.”

5) Yohan is the latest tragic loss of young K-Pop stars. Between 2019 and 2020 a number of young K-Pop stars have passed away. Stars like Sulli and Goo Hara both passed away in October and November 2019. Some K-Pop stars have bravely spoken out about the pressures they face in the limelight, following the untimely deaths of both singers. “If you aren’t under a certain weight, you can definitely get cut. You’re told what to do, what to say, what to think,” singer Amber Liu revealed. “When (people) hear you’re getting help they’re like, ‘What? Why are you getting help? That’s weird.’ And that stigma against mental health is just so strong.”

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