Young members of royal family who weren’t invited to Harry and Meghan’s wedding

There were a fair few members of the royal family who weren’t invited on Saturday.

Their absence was hardly noticed among the scores of celebrity guests and other dignitaries who did make the cut on May 19.

But they will likely be a little upset to have missed out on the wedding of the year, which took place at lunch time at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, in front of two billion people around the world.

The most notable reported absentees were the children and grandchildren of the Queen’s cousins – the Duke of Kent, the Duke of Gloucester, and Prince Michael of Kent.

"I’m not going, and nor are lots of Kents and Gloucesters, but we’re not allowed to say it," a younger royal is said to have told the Mail.

"I’m going to get into trouble if I’m the one that says it."

While Zara and Mike Tindall were invited, their daughter Mia wasn’t. Zara is the Queen’s granddaughter – the daughter of Anne, Princess Royal, and her first husband Captain Peter Phillips.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are by far the most famous of the Queen’s great-grandchildren, but she has others.

Princess Anne’s son Peter, the Queen’s eldest grandchild, is married to Canadian-born Autumn Kelly. Peter doesn’t have a royal title as his parents Princess Anne and Peter Phillips decided against it – so he’s simply Windsor.

Peter and Autumn have two children, Savannah, seven, and Isla, five. Even though they don’t have an official royal rank, they’re still direct descendants of the Queen and are in the line of succession (Savannah is 15th) to the throne.

But Savannah and Isla apparently weren’t invited by Harry and Meghan, now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The children are present at many royal occasions. They may not have gone on May 19 because they are said to live relatively normal lives in London.

Other members of the firm who didn’t attend the big day are more distant.

Included are Lord Frederick Windsor, 39, and Lady Gabriella Windsor, 37. They’re children of the Queen’s cousin, Prince Michael.

They’re great-grandchildren of George V and usually go to royal weddings, whether at Westminster Abbey or Windsor.

And they were on the balcony at Buckingham Palace with the Queen at last year’s Trooping The Colour.

Also ‘snubbed’ was Lady Davina Lewis, 40, the Duke of Gloucester’s daughter. She’s married to Gary Lewis, the son of a Maori builder from New Zealand.

We don’t know why they weren’t invited. There’s been talk recently of Prince Charles favouring a ‘slimmed-down’, more cost-efficient monarchy. This ideal may well have been extended to the guest list.

Other young royals who didn’t go apparently include Lady Helen Taylor, the Duke of Kent’s daughter, and his granddaughters Lady Amelia and Lady Marina Windsor.

The 22-year-old Amelia and her older sister Marina, 25, missed out on the ceremony, despite having relatively big profiles in Britain.

"They were a little surprised not to be invited as they were looking forward to going," a friend allegedly told The Sun.

"Amelia is creating quite a name for herself with her modelling and Instagram posts. Perhaps Harry just wanted to keep the family invited to a small number".

Lady Amelia is 37th in line to the throne. After appearing on the front of Tatler in 2016, she was dubbed ‘the most beautiful royal’.

St George’s Chapel has space for 800 people. Only 600 were invited.

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