YouTubers launch competition to win donor sperm and the internet has thoughts

YouTube couple Allie and Sam have divided followers after launching an online giveaway for a vial of donor sperm. 

The LGBT influencers, who have been together for six years, posted a promotional competition on their Instagram announcing that the winners would be given a vial of sperm to help them conceive a child. 

But the competition has split the online community, with some considering it poor taste while others seeing it as an opportunity they couldn’t otherwise afford. 

Standing side-by-side for a loved-up pic while holding a sign declaring: ‘Donor sperm giveaway’, the couple said they had partnered with a sperm bank. 

‘We are so, so excited to be partnering with [Fairfax Cryobank] to (hopefully!) help one of you grow your family!,’ they wrote, before giving competition details including instructing people to follow them and the sperm bank. 

‘Winner will receive 1 vial of donor sperm from [Fairfax Cryobank] + free shipping, and will be announced and contacted via DM on August 20th.

‘Contest open to residents of Canada + the US. Not affiliated with or endorsed by Instagram.’ 

However, the post was quickly picked up online by those who were confused by the promotional campaign thinking a giveaway for a potential human life was in poor taste, with it soon making the rounds on Twitter. 

‘Imagine telling a child that they came from an instagram giveaway,’ one poster said, while another joked they ‘couldn’t wait to win a child’. 

‘This is the most surreal-yet-believable thing I’ve seen all week,’ another added. ‘Are we all really existing [right now] or is this just someone’s hilarious fever dream?? Idk but I’m getting a kick out of it.’

But others who follow the pair thought it was a great idea – especially those who were struggling to conceive, couldn’t afford to do the procedure, or had exhausted their efforts alone. 

‘It’s a partnership with a verified cryobank,’ one said in the pair’s defence. ‘It’s probably going to be a coupon for a donor vial of the winner’s choosing. 

‘I don’t know this couple, but I don’t see the issue? Sperm is expensive and if this helps a couple’s dreams of making a family then that’s great!’ 

‘My wife and I just had a failed attempt thanks for the opportunity!,’ one man wrote. 

While another saw it as a sign and said: ‘Wow how frickin crazy! My gf and I decided we finally wanted to try for a baby and then I wake up to this!’ has contacted Fairfax Cryobank and Allie and Sam for comment.

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