Zayn Malik May Have Just Confirmed The Wild Taylor Swift Suitcase Rumor & Fans Are Flipping

Zayn Malik gave a shocking new interview with ‘Vogue U.K.’ and in it, he may have confirmed a bizarre previous fan theory by revealing that Taylor Swift used to literally travel in suitcases to avoid being seen.

Zayn Malik, 25, just caused a frenzy among Taylor Swift fans when he seemed to confirm that yes, the 28-year-old “Look What You Made Me Do” singer was indeed hiding in a suitcase that was transported outside her New York City apartment back in July 2017! The former One Direction crooner gave a new tell-all interview to Vogue U.K. for its Dec. issue and in it, he talked about Taylor taking time away from the spotlight before releasing Reputation and how she would avoid the paparazzi. “She was traveling around in a suitcase,” Zayn said. Wait, what?! She was? Now unless Zayn was talking with a metaphor state of mind, his comment seems to inciate that yes, the blonde beauty was literally traveling in a suitcase.

Although the comment sounds like a confirmation, there’s also a possibility that Zayn was joking when he said it. Since there’s no way to know, however, fans, who were involved in the rumor last year, took to social media to freak out about the revelation. “In your FACE, everyone who told me to lay off the wine at Friendsgiving after I gave a detailed, ten minute account of why she was DEFINITELY IN THAT SUITCASE,” one fan hilariously tweeted on Twitter. “taylor actually being in the suitcase…. she is so dramatic like me too,” another wrote.

As fans keep chatting about the suitcase theory, we, of course, won’t know for sure unless Taylor confirms things herself. After pics of security guards carrying the large piece of luggage made headlines last summer, Taylor’s team denied that she was being transported in the unconventional way. Still, Zayn’s comment makes us question all of that now!

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