10 Celebrities Who Are Too Soft For The Military (And 10 Who Fit The Bill)

Some of us are strong both mentally and physically, others, however, aren’t so strong. The military doesn’t discriminate, they need the numbers to back up their operations around the world. They do this by trying to find applicants for the military, graduates of all types and people of all backgrounds are welcome. In those applicants, the military finds what they’re looking for and sometimes they don’t. The military isn’t always for everyone due to its rigorous physical and mental strain. It requires a certain type of person to be able to do the difficult job of a soldier, no matter what they’re doing. It could be the infantry, a radio operator, a sailor and a pilot. It requires dedication and isn’t something that someone can just easily walk away from, it’s almost like a lifestyle. Celebrities have these qualities but sometimes aren’t quite cut out for the military.

This post is not being made to dishonor the military in any way, shape or form. It’s rather just pointing out that some celebrities aren’t as fit for the military as they thought they were. The military is a great career option that requires a patriotic, hardworking and educated individual to do. It’s an honorable thing to even apply for. We believe that everyone who’s ever served or tried to serve deserves a level of respect since they were willing to put themselves on the line for the rest of us.

20 too soft – Zulay Henao

The military really wasn’t for the girl who’s known for being super stylish. She decided that it would be a good deal for three years and she served all three. It’s uncommon for soldiers to end up being one of the most stylish people around town but by this evidence, it happens.

Joining the military wasn’t for her because show business needed to jump in and sweep her away. It did just that, and clearly being on the big screen worked out better for her than the military did. Though the military likely provided her with discipline, and though she became famous after leaving, she probably thanks the military for whatever disciplines it taught her.

19 Fit the bill – Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is also pretty fit, he’s especially known for it. He could probably sneeze a 10k run and not be the least bit tired. In general, having him on an army base must have been amazing to see, and it happens to be where he learned some of his martial arts skills.

In fact, it’s said that he learned some of it while he was stationed in South Korea and felt that it would help him arrest a rowdy drunk. Certainly, he must have done a good job. After all, those fitness memes came from somewhere, which meant that he would definitely be a good addition. It was definitely a crucial part of his life.

18 Too Soft – Ice-T

Not many people even think about Ice-T being a soldier but he did it. The widely known celebrity is not well known for his military career, in fact, it actually surprises people a lot. This is due to the fact that not many people want to join the military, especially those who end up being famous.

Unfortunately, the military wasn’t really for our main man Ice-T. It’s said that he was given an honorable discharge and that he signed the dotted line to help out his girlfriend and daughter. It’s truly a “man-up” act that he did, he knew that he had to cut out his old ways and move towards a career and he did exactly that.

17 Fit the bill – Mr.T

Mr.T has always had good physical abilities. In fact, he became a citywide wrestling champion for two years in a row during his high school career. It’s no surprise that the military was a good fit for him. Fitness is always an important aspect of the military, each soldier needs to meet and maintain certain physical standards. Most people find these standards difficult, however, Mr.T has always been one for fitness as we’ve seen in his past.

During his military career, it certainly aided him, in most aspects of the job as it’s a physical job and always will be. He was so top notch that he was even awarded Top Trainee of the Cycle which is an honor to receive. The fact that he got it shows everyone that he knows more than a thing or two about fitness and doing what needs to be done.

16 Too Soft – Morgan Freeman

Can you imagine it? Hearing that wonderful voice over the radio. It must have been somewhat like hearing an angel on the other side. Morgan Freeman was probably pretty good at his job in the military since he was a radar technician for the Air Force. Now, he had things that were probably better for him down the line, like his ability to narrate pretty much anything and make it sound good. His voice works to his advantage. The military, unfortunately, wasn’t for him because even deep down he knew that he was destined to do something else. It’s said that he declined a partial scholarship and joined the military. This shows us that he had talents and he knew it. However, those talents didn’t stop him from serving his country.

Sometimes people still want to serve their country but deep down they have other things they want to do. In this case, if Morgan Freeman really felt cut out for the military, he would have stayed, given he did serve four years but he did decide to move on after those years.

15 fit the bill – Hugh Hefner

Most of the time when we think of Hugh Hefner we think of certain films that are enjoyed by millions, not him being part of the military. He joined the army as an Infantry clerk during the WWII. This wasn’t really for him because of his talents in the business world. However, that didn’t stop him from doing his job really well. In fact, he knew how to handle his rifle and is said to have gone through “killer college,” a training position in which live grenades were used. The world of business and creation was really where he belonged because it seems like he used his talents of being a tough guy in his businesses.

He did end up leaving the army and going to college to pursue art. The military was a great stepping stone for him and allowed him to really figure out what he wanted to do after the military.

14 Too Soft – Bill Cosby

Bill recently had his honorary titled revoked by the Navy after allegations of certain activities that are quite illegal.

He didn’t really fit the bill of the military because of his want for advancement. If you were to look into his career in show business you would find that he always made things get better for himself. The military does provide an interesting job but can get bland, especially if you’re serving as a hospital corpsman. He had a career in show business coming up and it needed to happen soon or else the world would have missed out on his comedic skills.

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13 Fit the bill – Clint Eastwood

So this old-fashioned well-known actor has been in his fair share of action movies that have depicted military operations. The cool thing is that he’s got some background in the forces.

He was drafted during the Korean War but that didn’t stop him from learning a whole bunch of important stuff! His history of swimming from when he was in high school came in handy during his time. After a plane had to do a water landing, he had to swim a mile to shore. This makes him qualified for the medal of “fit the bill” from us because it shows his resilience. It’s important for someone to not give up and if any one person is an example of that, it’s soldiers.

12 Too Soft – Arnold Schwarzenegger

So it’s pretty obvious that when somebody goes to jail, especially if they were in the military, they weren’t really cut out for it. In this case, our beloved Arnold apparently went to jail for leaving camp to go to a bodybuilding contest. Just wow. I guess it kind of worked out in the end but a soldier isn’t supposed to be running off without permission. For his actions, he ended up serving time in the slammer, specifically a military prison for three days. The funny thing is he ended up winning the contest.

The military officials who ended up charging him allegedly became his biggest supporters and supposedly even made him a makeshift gym. At the time he was in the Austrian military doing his mandatory service at age 18.

11 fit the bill – Paul Newman

Rejection sucks and it’s experienced by millions on a daily basis. When someone is rejected by the military, it’s worse, they find themselves questioning their own ability. Paul Newman was unfortunately rejected by the military to be a pilot but that didn’t stop his spirit. He ended up working with radios and being a gunner. It was an aircraft in which he worked.

He also received a good conduct medal, so it’s clear that he knew how to do his job properly and tried to steer clear of trouble. It’s difficult to ensure that a soldier would get this medal because they have to be on some pretty well-made bridges with the military as a whole. Paul Newman was clearly someone who knew how to manage himself and his position in the forces well.

10 too soft – Alan Alda

Now while his character from M*A*S*H was a wild guy, his character was very specific to him. Alan Alda was both fit and unfit for the military because he had his ups and downs like any good soldier but managed to take it to another level.

According to him, the military originally had plans to make him an officer, but he ended up simply being in charge of a mess tent. So unfortunately, as you can imagine, things did not really work out. However, his time in the military definitely aided him in his future endeavours, especially with this show. It allowed him to better slip into the character he was playing, and the show ended up being a hit. So at least, even though he did not fit the bill of the military, he was able to fit the bill of his role.

9 fit the bill – Elvis Presley

The man was a legend and his music is still enjoyed to this day. Some branches of the military even offered him special spots since he was an up and coming star! But he just wanted to serve his country when he was called upon the draft like everyone else.

Elvis worked out great with the military because he showed everyone that he just wanted to be treated like everyone else. It’s clear that special treatment doesn’t end well when it’s a team environment and Elvis seemed to understand that. This is probably why he decided to just not take some branches up on their offers. The music legend also ended up being sent around the world, specifically to places like Germany. He had some talent for the military because he ended up getting himself promoted to sergeant which isn’t always something everyone around town can just do.

8 Too soft – Bob Ross

Who doesn’t love Bob Ross? He knows beauty, he knows art, and he knows how to fly a plane. He was a drill sergeant and stayed in the Air Force for 20 years. It’s clear that he wanted to stop all that yelling and move on to something that he really enjoyed. That was painting.

While he was dedicated to his job in the Air Force, he likely always wanted something more relaxed and enjoyable. It seems as if he didn’t want to keep going on yelling at people for being late and being hard on them, we see this with his popular show “The Joy of Painting.” The military wasn’t really for him in the end. Sometimes people need to stop, and do something different. That’s the case with Bob Ross, he wanted to explore other things too and not limit himself to one thing.

7 fit the bill – Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash is enjoyed by many. His military career didn’t always pop through his songs. It’s said that he rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant which means he knows how to get the task at hand completed properly. Some say he served as a radio operator. This allowed him to intercept coded messages during his career in the armed forces.

Cash showed amazing skill at Morse code cracking, this is what helped in his career and probably what allowed him to travel to other parts of the world. He was a dedicated individual and actually managed to show that to his superiors. This is why he was promoted so many times. If he wasn’t good at his job, he wouldn’t have landed these important positions that allowed him to become the man that is loved by so many right now.

6 too soft – MC Hammer

When you picture a soldier, you don’t always picture MC Hammer. It’s said he decided to join up after some time in college and spent three years as an aviation storekeeper. While many people don’t stay too long in the military, he probably didn’t like it because of the lack of ability to express creativity. The military is well known for being a place for uniforms, both physically and mentally.

Procedures can limit people who have a lot of creativity in their minds. Mc Hammer could have been one of those people, being in show business requires a level of creativity that someone must have to ensure success. He definitely had it but the military kind of limited him, that could be one of the reasons why he left. Either way, he did find kind of better things and truly found a way to help millions and have his fair share of fun.

5 fit the bill – Shaggy

If you lived in Brooklyn, especially if you lived in the bad part, then you are ready for the military. That’s the case with Shaggy, he’s said to have joined the military after moving to Brooklyn.

He definitely made the cut in the mentally capable area. It takes someone with a lot of psychological abilities to be fit for the military, they really can’t just accept anyone. It can be argued that considering the fact that he did not have anything handed to him on a golden spoon, it makes for a good officer. He knew the value of hard work, and growing up in an area that, at the time, was a lot tougher. All of his experiences, and his mindset, would have allowed him to be a great fit for the military, and clearly, they knew that as well.

4 too soft – Bruce Springsteen

So, while he has his iconic Vietnam era song known as “Born In The USA.” He did give the military a fair shot. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the physical ability. So, he didn’t pass his physical. This can easily have been a run that he didn’t make. Clearly, at his time of testing, he wasn’t fit, or at least fit enough for the military’s high standards and quite likely wouldn’t have enjoyed the military.

Let’s face it if you didn’t pass your physical, and they ship you off to boot camp, it’s going to be a tough time. It won’t be easy, given it’s not even easy when you’re fit, but when you’re unfit, it’s even worse.

3 fit the bill – Mystikal

Rappers are often opposite to anything that has to do with order. This is because of their music style’s stereotypes that have things that are anti-police and government. However, it’s always good to know that a rapper is more than willing to serve his nation.

This particular individual served in Desert Storm and was later discharged but it’s not entirely known if his discharge was honorable or not. The fact, that he took the time to serve his country shows a lot of courage on his part. His rap career could not be put on hold for too long and he eventually had to leave, and he ended up becoming a very successful rapper anyhow. It was probably best if he stayed out of the military since he is just so good in the entertainment industry. This guy wasn’t expected to become a soldier but did it anyway.

2 too soft – Gene Hackman

Lying is never good, but ethics teachers would pose the questions as to why someone lied. Is it bad for someone to lie if they want to serve their country? The military doesn’t like it and never will. Gene Hackman didn’t really meet the fit for his military career. It’s said that he was demoted three times, which is just terrible.

The Marines wasn’t really for him since he ended up leaving and used his skills that he learned to get into the world of acting. During his military career, he made sure to find some areas where he could be creative and he did exactly that. He was supposedly a disk-jockey after he volunteered to do it once. It turned into a long-term thing.

1 fit the bill – Gal Gadot

Gadot had to do the mandatory service for the Israeli military at the age of 18. That’s normal but it’s what the military taught her that’s important. She learned many things and among those, the most important was discipline.

She said that her experience not only helped her career, but she also helped the military in return. She served as a fitness instructor. This proves that she was a leader. Now it’s hard being a soldier, and it’s even harder having to be an instructor. She had to be a hard instructor that also taught well. It takes a special kind of person to be able to both be a soldier and teacher. She did both and it must have been a challenge, especially since she was a fitness instructor. That just adds to the challenge since she needed to be as good or better than most people who came across her path, she was the instructor after all. It’s a leadership position and it takes skills and dedication to properly manage.

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