10 Must Own ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Cards From ‘Dominaria’ [Opinion]

You’ll want to add these ten “Magic: The Gathering” cards from “Dominaria” to your collection.

Now that Wizards of the Coast’s newest Magic: The Gathering set Dominaria has been released, many players are in search of new cards to add to their decks. But which new Magic: The Gathering cards from Dominaria are worth your hard earned money? There are at least ten must own Magic: The Gathering cards from Dominaria that every Magic player should own.

Don’t confuse this list with our Top 10 Most Expensive ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Cards From ‘Dominaria’ list. For the purposes of this list we’re excluding expensive mythic rares such as Teferi, Hero of Dominaria and Karn, Scion of Urza. In fact, you won’t find many rares here at all. Just because a card is pricey doesn’t mean everyone should have it. Some of the best cards in the game can be found at common and uncommon. We’re also excluding cards that’ve been been reprinted like Gideon’s Reproach and Icy Manipulator (although you’ll want both of those cards if you don’t already own them). Instead we’re focusing on brand new Magic: The Gathering cards making they’re debut in Dominaria.

For years Savannah Lions was the best one white mana creature. These days there are plenty of amazing one drops. Dauntless Bodyguard is a fantastic example of a must own Magic: The Gathering card from Dominaria.

While Seal Away can only target tapped creatures it has Flash, meaning you can play it during an opponnet’s combat step. Two mana to deal with your rival’s attack? Yes, Seal Away is a must own Dominaria card.

Precognition Field isn’t nearly as powerful as Future Sight was. Precognition Field doesn’t cost as much mana, nor does it require such a heavy commitment to blue either. That means you can run it in any deck to reap the rewards.

There’s been a lot of Terror variants over the years, and “dies to Doom Blade” is a phrase uttered with an almost religious reverence when evaluating creatures. Unlike Doom Blade though, Cast Down will actually destroy black creatures.

Yes it’s situational. Yes there are plenty of arguably better cards. But successfully casting Yawgmoth’s Vile Offering is one of they best feelings you’ll have playing Magic: The Gathering from the new cards printed in Dominaria. Few cards can have such a potentially devastating swing as Yawgmoth’s Vile Offering, and it feels so evil.

Red is full of combat tricks. Warlord’s Fury is a must own card from Dominaria because it’ll allow you to make strategic blocks without sacrificing any of your creatures. It also replaces itself.

For years Naturalize has been a go-to sideboard card. Broken Bond does everything Naturalize does, with the potential to help ramp up your mana production by playing an additional land if you have one.

If you’re a Commander player, then then you know games can go long. Blackblade Reforged can easily be slotted into every one of your commander decks and works wonders with your general.

If you have a spell that requires colorless mana, you’ll need a source that can produce it. Zhalfirin Void is strictly superior to Wastes, and you’ll want to add four to your deck.

Memorial to Folly, Memorial to Genius, Memorial to Glory, Memorial to Unity, and Memorial to War all provide utility to which would otherwise just be basic lands in your deck.

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