10 Unexpected (and Slightly Bizarre) Places Real People Have Gotten Married

Forget churches and banquet halls — these couples are choosing wedding locations that are completely unexpected and entirely unique. From a grocery store to a weightless chamber, see some of the strangest places people have chosen to tie the knot.

1. At Whole Foods.
Are you a fan of fancy groceries? Then a Whole Foods wedding may be for you. “We loved the idea of having an important life milestone happen in a place we constantly go,” Jacqueline Aronson, who recently married her husband Ross in a Whole Foods-set ceremony. It’s a special place for the couple in several ways: They also got engaged in the store’s flower aisle.

2. In Times Square.
Even celebrities get married in avant-garde locations. Maria Menounos surprised the world this past New Year’s Eve when she and longtime partner Keven Undergaro got married in Times Square, on live television. When the producer of the New Year’s Eve broadcast asked Menounos if she wanted to say “I do” on camera, she was at first hesitant: “‘Ha, ha, no,’” was her initial response, she told PEOPLE. “I was nervous but I got in the car and kept thinking about it and I was like, Wait, this really is kind of perfect.”

3. Among the dead.
What’s more romantic than tombstones and crypts? For this couple, not much.

4. Above a canyon.
Kimberly Weglin and Ryan Jenks said their vows in true nature lover fashion: On a net stretched across cliffs above the desert in Moab, Utah. “I used to be terrified of heights,” Weglin told PEOPLE. “So, it really meant a lot to get married in the air in a space that used to scare the s— out of me, and have it feel normal.”

5. At a Taco Bell.
This couple didn’t just have wedding bells — they had Taco Bell. Perks to a fast-food set wedding? Built-in catering.

6. At a gas station.
You know how you know you really love someone? You’re willing to marry them anywhere — even a gas station.

7. Without gravity.
Love lifts you up — and for that couple, the sentiment is meant literally. In June 2009, an N.Y.C. couple had the world’s first-ever weightless wedding, where they got hitched in a gravity-less chamber, along with their entire wedding party.

8. Under the sea.
It may be hard to say your vows with your head underwater, but it’ll make for some pretty epic photo opps.

9. While bungee jumping.
If you’re a thrill seeker, then this is the wedding option for you. This couple jumped off a bridge to celebrate their love. (Hey, whatever makes you happy!)

10. On a flight.

A couple decided to tie the knot during a 5-hour Southwest Airlines flight. Wonder if they got free snacks and wine after making it official. #Perks

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