11 Times Brides Did A Beyoncé Wedding Dance And Unleashed Their Inner Sasha Fierce

We love a good, creative bridal dance when we see one. And while it’s not super common (it’s usually the groom these days that does some unique choreography for the garter), there are women who are not scared to put on a show for their new husbands in front of all their wedding guests. Dancer and choreographer BUNNY did that for her husband, known as Pink. The video is grabbing eyes on social media, with the bride performing to Beyoncé’s “Get Me Bodied” and “Crazy in Love.” She definitely went off! In a room full of people that cheered her on fervently, the groom was her biggest hype man.

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We love to see it. And I know I say that all of the time, but seriously, we love to watch brides let go of inhibitions and wow their husbands on the dance floor. So many have done so with the help of Beyoncé. Over the years, brides have dressed up like Queen Bee to dance to everything from “Formation” to “End of Time” and even Destiny’s Child classics. Ladies love Beyoncé, almost as much as they adore their new husbands.

Plenty of people have tried their hand at wedding dances inspired by the star. Here are 11 other routines, almost as lit as BUNNY’s that we think Beyoncé might approve of, if not for the choreography, but for the effort and enthusiasm.

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The ladies certainly got in “Formation” to shake a tail feather at this wedding in 2019. The bride (the one with the garter on because it can be confusing in the beginning) put on a show with her girlfriends, doing dances to a medley of Beyoncé hits, including a solo dance to “Dance for You” that left me and, seemingly guests, blushing.

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Shout out to bride Ashley, who did a large part of her bridal dance solo, dressed similar to how Beyoncé was when she returned to the stage after having Blue Ivy in 2012 for the Revel Casino show. She held her own, even doing Jay-Z’s part of “Crazy in Love,” before switching tunes and doing the “Everybody Mad” dance from Homecoming.

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As if it didn’t take a lot of confidence to try and do a Beyoncé-inspired dance in front of family and friends, it takes another level of it to do the routine all by yourself the whole time. Bride Ashley had plenty of that when she pulled out some sultry dance moves for new hubby Larry to “Dance for You.”

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In an ensemble that would make Bey proud (literally it was a ringer for one of the star’s On the Run II tour ensembles), bride Alberta and her dancers didn’t disappoint.

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With the assistance of her bridesmaids and a hype crowd, bride Aleah did a performance of “Cater to You” before switching gears and turning up to a non-Beyoncé track — the classic “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJ’s.

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The crowd could have given our good sis a little more energy, but that didn’t stop YouTuber Miss Ruby and her dancers from going to work to “Partition.” (They would eventually end the dance with choreography to the sounds of Ciara’s “Promise.”)

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It’s the editing for us! In a brief clip from her dance, bride Ashreil had her new husband speechless and sweating as she strut her stuff to “Dance for You.”

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Calling herself Courtyoncé, bride Courtney did a performance of “End of Time” and “Love on Top,” wearing a blinged-out jacket just like the one Beyoncé wore when she performed the song at the VMAs. And she had a full crew of backup dancers, leaving hubby Michael confused, but impressed. He even joined in by the end.

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We love the enthusiasm of this bride, LaToria, who turned the reception inside out by doing a performance of “End of Time” and “Love on Top” for husband James. The nuptials were featured in Munaluchi, and she told the publication the dance was one of her favorite memories from the big day. “I did a mixture of Beyoncé songs and performed with backup dancers and custom changed. He was very pleased.”

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It’s not often brides put on a dance with the help of family, but this newlywed, her mom (in the red shoes) and her BFF were the new Destiny’s Child for the night, dancing to “Cater to You” to the wild applause of wedding guests.

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A bridal dance is great, but nothing beats one put on by an entire wedding party. Mr. and Mrs. Tavares (the bride in a bodysuit that let guests know she was proudly thee Mrs. Tavares) danced with energy and joy to “Get Me Bodied.”

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