12 best beauty products: Attracta Beauty Award 2021 winners revealed

12 beauty products to add to basket now! The Attracta Beauty Award 2021 winners revealed – including a £119 anti-ageing moisturiser and £5 retinol eye patches

  • Attracta Beauty Award winners were chosen after a four-month testing period
  • The independent awards – now in their seventh year – are known for helping to propel groundbreaking brands like Cult51 and MZSkin into the spotlight 
  • A panel of experts who’ve worked with celebrities including Dua Lipa and Jodie Comer have chosen the best beauty products

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If you fancy updating your beauty routine with a slew of the best beauty products, then look no further than these award winners.

The winners of Attracta Beauty Awards 2021 have been revealed. Chosen by a panel of 12 world-renowned makeup and beauty experts, who between them work with Dua Lipa, Alexa Chung, Victoria Beckham and Jodie Comer to name a few, these products are worthy of a place in your makeup bags and bathroom cabinets.

With home salon and self-care routines on the rise, it comes as no surprise this year’s awards were bigger than ever before, with over 180 entries spanning beauty, wellness, haircare, sun-care and body.

Commenting on the awards, founder and international makeup artist Attracta Courtney said: ‘We’ve chosen an impressive 63 winners in total, of which we have a top 12 list of outstanding products.

International makeup artist Attracta Courtney, founder of the awards, said: ‘Our winners are products that work and make a visual, effective impact’

‘After a year of lockdown, I’d say that everyday beauty and skincare has come under greater scrutiny than ever before, and this year’s judges have taken this into consideration. 

‘Our winners are products that work and make a visual, effective impact, and of our top 12 list, half of them are under £30.’

Eco-brands and brands that are practising social responsibility to protect the environment and contribute back to society have been recognised in this year’s awards too.

Attracta said: ‘One that stands out for its planet-friendly principles and activism to raise awareness on female hair loss is MONPURE London, with its fantastic Monpure Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo.’

She added: ‘Another is Irene Forte skincare, for using 35 years of skincare research and development to create outstanding vegan-friendly, sustainable natural formulations such as the number one moisturiser on our top 12 list, the Irene Forte Prickly Pear Face Cream.’

After a four-month testing period, the Attracta Beauty 12 top scoring winners can be revealed… 

1. Best Liquid Cleanser

Katherine Daniels Essential Cleansing Milk, £23

Attracta Beauty judges say: ‘It’s a pleasure to use this light and effective formula, a range conceived by facialists to compliment salon treatments. A great everyday cleanser to achieve clean skin.’

 Coming in at 1st place, Katherine Daniels Essential Cleansing Milk, is hailed as a ‘great everyday cleanser’ to help achieve clean skin

2. Best Cleansing Balm

MERUMAYA®Effective Skincare Melting Cleansing Balm™, £22

Attracta Beauty judges say: ‘It’s divine to use; a very effective melting balm that leaves skin feeling clean, soft and yet moisturised while it is efficient in makeup removal too. It’s also super gentle and hydrating.’

 MERUMAYA’s Cleansing Balm came second at £22, praised for leaving skin ‘skin feeling clean, soft and yet moisturised’ after use

3. Best Luxury Facial Exfoliator

Lisa Franklin Pro Effect Refining Exfoliator, £55

Attracta Beauty judges say: ‘Excellent for sensitive skin types that still need exfoliation. Pleasurable to use, effective and gentle – leaves skin feeling renewed and smooth.’

‘Leaves skin feeling renewed and smooth’: The judging panel sang the praises of skincare expert and facialist Lisa Franklin’s facial exfoliator, costing £55 

4. Affordable Eye Masks

BeautyPro Retinol Eye Patches, £4.95 

Attracta Beauty judges say: ‘Amazing! The patches adhere really well to the skin under the lower eye, super-easy to apply with fantastic results.’

For ‘fantastic results’ under £5, the BeautyPro Retinol Eye Patches landed the fourth spot 

5. Best Luxury Antioxidant Serum

Murad Vita-C Glycolic Brightening Serum, £72 

Attracta Beauty judges say: ‘This product is amazing! We love the dual-chamber packaging, it’s so innovative! Easily absorbed. Good active ingredients and skin looks radiant afterwards.’

Murad’s popular Vita-C Glycolic Brightening Serum was praised for its innovative packaging and effective glow-giving formulation that leaves complexions looking ‘radiant’ 

6. Best Natural Day Moisturiser

Irene Forte Skincare Prickly Pear Face Cream, £119 

Attracta Beauty judges say: ‘We love this brand’s commitment to eco-beauty. The moisturiser is creamy, rich and packed with organic nutritional skincare benefits; one application keeps skin looking youthful and feeling hydrated throughout the day.’

Whilst it costs an eyewatering £119, the luxurious and eco-conscious Irene Forte Skincare Prickly Pear Face Cream won sixth place for its ability to ‘keeps skin looking youthful’ 

7. Best Hydrating Lip Balm

Dr. Lipp CBD Calm Balm, £10.99 

Attracta Beauty judges say: ‘An intense treatment for the lips! Keeps lips moisturised for a very long time, even under our facemasks; it’s a truly wonderful product.’

For an ‘intense treatment for the lips’ the judges applauded the £10.99 Dr. Lipp CBD Calm Balm as a ‘truly wonderful product’ 

8. Best Blusher

Code8 Blush Palette, £34 

Attracta Beauty judges say: ‘Very flattering, we love the finely milled powders and options of shades to swirl a makeup brush over to create a unique colour tone over the cheeks; great quality!’

In at number eight, the Code8 Blush Palette is said to be filled with ‘flattering’ and ‘finely milled’ powders

9. Best Self-Tan

St. Tropez Ashley Graham Ultimate Glow Kit, £38 

Attracta Beauty judges say: ‘We love this product – great colour, quick to dry and so easy to apply.’

St.Tropez’s latest collaboration with supermodel Ashley Graham was next in at number nine and described as ‘great colour’ and ‘easy to apply’ 

10. Best Hand Sanitiser

Esmerelda Botanicals Sanitising Botanical Spritz, £19.99 

Attracta Beauty judges say: ‘Easy to use, the texture is super light. As soon as you rub it in, it disappears immediately. Leaves hands feeling refreshed, protected and without the dry feeling you get from some hand sanitisers on the market.’

A new essential for all, the Esmerelda Botanicals Sanitising Botanical Spritz was awarded best hand sanitiser 

11. Best Body Wash

Bioderma Atoderm Shower Oil, £10.50 

Attracta Beauty judges say: ‘Multi-tasking product, light fragrance, very gentle and leaves skin feeling super soft and hydrated.’

The Bioderma Atoderm Shower Oil, which costs a very reasonable £10.50, was named the best body wash for ‘super soft and hydrated’ skin 

12. Best Makeup Brush Set

Multi-use Face Brush Set By Joy Adenuga, £75 

Attracta Beauty judges say: ‘We love this makeup brush set. The hair texture is super soft and easy to wash. A beautiful range of brush sizes, ideal for any makeup artist’s kit or for personal use.’

London based professional makeup artist Joy Adenuga’s makeup brush set was highly praised as a great addition to any ‘makeup artist’s kit or for personal use’

  • See the full list of Attracta Beauty Award 2021 winners here.

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