13 Books to Read If You Can't Get Enough of Hocus Pocus

13 Books to Read If You Can’t Get Enough of Hocus Pocus

Celebrating Halloween without an annual viewing of Hocus Pocus is like trying to get through the entire Fall season without drinking a pumpkin spice latte — it’s just not right. The classic 1993 film has everything a good Halloween movie needs: trick-or-treating, killer dance scenes, a talking black cat, and Bette Midler. Face it, the Sanderson sisters are true icons, and they also happen to be a trio of witches we would love to hang out with, despite the whole stealing the souls of children thing. Still, as perfect as Hocus Pocus is, you can only watch the film so many times during October before you start craving something else. But what if you could satisfy your desire for something new while still feeding that nostalgic feeling you get every time you see Binx on your TV screen?

Thanks to these 13 books like Hocus Pocus, you can enjoy the fun, Halloween perfection of the film without having to watch the movie every single day of the month (unless you want to do both, in which case, this is a judgment-free zone).

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