15 British Habits Meghan Markle Will Need To Get Used To

Meghan Markle is living every girl’s dream. Getting Prince Harry to fall in love with you is one thing, getting him to actually propose is another. In a whirlwind romance that’s turned full-blown wedding frenzy, Meghan is set to marry Prince Harry in the biggest royal wedding ever, and the world is going nuts.

Meghan has had to shut down her Instagram, Twitter, and her personal lifestyle website. She’ll be joining a family where you can’t finish your dinner before the Queen, and everyone is wondering: will her wedding be more expensive than the $36 million OK! reported as the cost for Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding? Meghan won’t just have to get used to bowing to Kate, there’s a whole load of British habits waiting for her.

Here’s the thing, Meghan is American and Prince Harry, duh, is British. England may share the same language as America, but it’s a whole different world. Brits take tea really seriously. They drive on the other side of the road. If you’ve ever been to London, you’ll know that eye contact is a huge no-no. Meghan has barely started her princess life in the UK. The list of weird British ways she will have to get used to are piling on fast, but will she cope? From how the British store their eggs to their unusual bathrooms, here are 15 British habits Meghan Markle will need to get used to.


British spellings and American spellings aren’t the same— at all. You can always tell when someone’s British from how they speak, but you’ll also see it in how they spell. Loads of words in British English are different.

In England, the trunk of a car is called “the boot.” Trash cans are called “rubbish bins.” Diapers are called “nappies” and watch out when you say “pants,” because, for British people, that means underwear. Of course, the spellings are totally ridiculous.

The British put the letter “u” everywhere. Colour. Favourite. Honour. Glamour. They also use the letter “z” much less. In England, you “realise.” To make it more confusing, they also switch letters around. You go the “theatre.” You’re in the city “centre.” Meghan will basically have to learn to read and write from scratch. Eep!


This country just keeps on going. The UK is way older than America. Tons of American cities are named after British places— New York was named after York in the UK and Birmingham, Alabama was named after the UK city of Birmingham. Three guesses where London, Ohio got its name…

In the UK, English muffins are just “muffins.” Frosting is called “icing,” cookies are “biscuits,” and they don’t even have American sausage and biscuits! Meghan is unlikely to be making pit stops at McDonald’s or The Waffle House, but the royal household does serve muffins. She better not make a fool of herself in front of the Queen…


Meghan has had to leave behind a whole life. She’s left the US, kissed her Hollywood career goodbye, and shut down all her social media. What’s replacing it? A whole load of tea…

The British are obsessed with tea, and they drink more cups per day than any country in Europe. The Queen regularly hosts garden tea parties at Buckingham Palace, and cucumber sandwiches are a staple. British people can actually lose friends over how they make their tea.

If British people aren’t talking about tea, they’re busy drinking it. There’s a whole culture in homes and offices— some people put the milk in first, others put the tea in first. Either one can offend someone with the opposite opinion. Meghan will need to learn it all, and she can’t put a foot wrong.


Yeah, British people are kind of weird. In America, people are really and openly friendly. You ask someone “how they’re doing,” and you definitely wish them “a great day.”

Did you know that British people get weirded out when someone asks them “how their day is?” They feel it’s an actual question that they’re supposed to answer, and they often just don’t know how to.

In London, you ride the subway, which is called “the tube.” It’s super old, underground, and covered in dust. But the number one rule for people riding it is: DON’T MAKE EYE CONTACT! People will read magazines or scroll through their phones (if they get Wi-Fi). Meghan will most likely be in fancy cars, but she’ll have to get used to this British habit.


Meghan is unlikely to be chauffering herself around, but she’s still in for a shock. The British drive on the other side of the road (“the left”). It’s one of the most confusing things Americans face when arriving in the UK.

The Queen drives a Range Rover on her private estate in Scotland, but did you know she doesn’t have license plates? She doesn’t even have a last name— she’s officially Elizabeth II of the House of Windsor. British people also mostly drive stick shift.

It’s not known yet exactly what Meghan’s title will be, but one thing’s for sure, she’ll have to get into cars where the wheel is on the right-hand side, plus, almost all cars in the UK are a stick shift. Is Meghan going to have to pass her driving test all over again?


British food laws are different to American laws. In England, you can walk into a grocery store for eggs, but you won’t find any that are refrigerated. The way English eggs are processed means they can be stored in the regular aisle, although, British people to tend to put them in the fridge at home.

British grocery stores often have their eggs alongside canned beans, boxes of dry cake mix, or even the cereal aisle. British eggs also have mostly brown shells, plus, a fun Lion stamp to prove that they’re safe.

And there Meghan was thinking that morning eggs would be a regular deal. There are some similarities, though. British people are definitely huge fans of scrambled eggs for breakfast. Plus, bacon!


This one just has “British tradition” written all over it. British judges and lawyers (called barristers) wear wigs in court. We’re not joking. If you have to go to court in England, you’ll see the judge in a curled white wig.

British judges and lawyers wear wigs made of horsehair. They also have to wear shades of black, gray, or white.

Okay, so Meghan isn’t exactly Paris Hilton. It’s unlikely she’ll ever find herself in a courtroom for the wrong reasons, but being a royal does mean doing a lot of official business. If Meghan is shocked by anything she sees, she sure won’t be allowed to show it.

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If you like British guys or girls, a giant part of that will likely be because of their humor. Razor-sharp wit and sarcasm is a huge deal in the UK, and you’re not funny unless you’re sarcastic.

British people often get themselves into embarrassing situations in the US. They say things that are sarcastic and meant as a joke, but the American sense of humor doesn’t always pick up on it.

Prince Harry is sarcastic just like his brother, Prince William. Poking fun at people in the UK always includes a heavy dose of sarcasm. Meghan will have to get used to comments that are meant as a joke. When they’re delivered with a poker face though, will she be able to tell they’re just kidding?


Americans love England because everything is so old. Fairytale castles in the countryside go back to the Middle Ages, stuff you see on Game Of Thrones is actually real, and they have a monarchy that’s thousands of years old.

Kate and Prince William’s wedding was in Westminster Abbey, which was built in the year, 1090. British houses can be over 1,000 years old, and the oldest ones were built for people who are no more than 5 feet tall.

Westminster Abbey is also home to Britain’s oldest door— once thought to be covered in human skin. Meghan will have to replace glossy Malibu mansions with crumbling palaces, although, she will be living in luxury.


Everything in Europe is smaller. They drive tiny cars, they’re mostly shorter than Americans, and their malls are tiny. That also applies to food, and you’d be shocked how much smaller the portions are.

Meghan will likely be eating gourmet meals from fancy chefs, but she’ll have to get used to British portion sizes. British people also don’t really have “sides,” so it’s goodbye to mozzarella sticks and wedges and hello to, um, a napkin.

Hello! also reported that Kate Middleton and Prince Harry’s kids aren’t allowed to finish their dinner before the Queen. Apparently, if she stops chewing, so must they. And we thought Meghan was in for an easy ride…


Here’s a weird one. If you think of British food, you’re probably thinking of “fish and chips” (that’s fries for Americans). You might also be thinking of English treats like custard pies.

In England, curry is actually a national dish. The British were such huge fans of curry when they colonized India, they made curry one of their official dishes. Chicken tikka masala actually originated in the UK, but the name was made Indian to sound authentic.

Meghan will definitely need to refine her palate for the royal table. That’s a giant “no” to hot dogs, pizza, or tacos. Actually, the British often don’t know the difference between a taco and a burrito! Hey, they don’t share a border with Mexico!


A hot bath can be a challenge in England. British tubs and sinks often have two faucets. One is for hot water and one is for cold. Washing your hands with water that’s “just right” is something Meghan will have to kiss goodbye.

Like most things in England, sinks can be super old. Most sinks and tubs have two faucets. You either get freezing cold water or boiling hot.

Royals are rarely seen in public without gloves. The Queen wears them and so does Kate Middleton. But these people do wash their hands. Presumably, it isn’t the most pleasant experience…


It’s not uncommon to see up to ten foxes in one night in places like London. The UK is home to millions of foxes, but they’ve left the countryside for their city squad.

Foxes are frequently spotted in London back yards, and it isn’t just at night. British people don’t bat an eyelid at seeing a fox crossing a London street in broad daylight.

Meghan will have to get used to behaviors from animals as well as human beings. The royal estate is huge and definitely includes lots of outdoor space. Once again, if Meghan is shocked by something, the only option she’ll have is to wear that painted-on smile and wave to the crowd.


British people are always apologizing (or as they would spell it, “apologising”). They might not even have anything to be sorry for, but in England, it’s considered polite to say “sorry.”

When a car crashed into a cyclist in the UK and the cyclist was knocked over and hurt, guess what happened? The guy got up off the ground and said “sorry” to the driver in the vehicle, according to The Daily Mail.

British people will say “sorry” when they bump into someone on accident. They’ll even apologize as they approach the person— just in case they bump into them. Meghan is going to have to learn to get a whole lot more apologetic, and we’re not even sure what she needs to be sorry for.


British people are not all the same. Okay, so they might all sound the same and have that effortless British charm, but Meghan will need to watch out.

A lot of Hollywood actors like Emma Watson and Christian Bale are British. They perfect their American accents so well, we don’t know the difference. Meghan will need to realize that not everyone is Robert Pattinson…

Robert Pattinson is definitely getting everyone’s attention. After his split from Kristen Stewart, the Twilight actor is up for grabs. He spends most of his time in Hollywood though, so at least for Meghan, there’ll be less confusion there.

If you’ve ever been to England, you’ll have probably noticed a few of the things on this list. If London is on your bucket list, you might want to write these down and memorize them. If this made you laugh, hit share and let your friends know the weird British habits Meghan will have to get used to. It might also give them some tips on how to behave in England!

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