15 Things All Of Leo DiCaprio’s Girlfriends Have To Do To Date Him

Leonardo DiCaprio seems to have it all. He’s got the fame, he’s got the looks, he’s got the talent, and he definitely has the money. But he seems to have an endless supply of something else that people can’t stop talking about – women. This guy can pretty much take his pick when it comes to some of the most stunning, drop-dead gorgeous women in the world. There’s women who are attractive, and then there’s the level above that – the kind of women that seem to always surround Leo. How does he do it? That’s perhaps one of the easiest questions to answer – the world just seems to love him. But a harder question to answer is how women out there get involved with the actor in the first place.

Based on his own quotes and those from various supermodels, it’s clear that Leo is interested in a very specific type of woman. And if you’re a girl who wants to date this A-lister, then you have to play by the rules. Some of these rules are easy to see, while others are a little more subtly hidden behind Leo’s squeaky clean image. But one thing’s for sure – to have a chance with Leonardo DiCaprio, you need to listen to these 15 things.

15 If You Want His Attention You Need To Look Great 24/7

Even a casual observer of Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating habits can see that when it comes to women, Leonardo DiCaprio prefers them to look their best. A quick look at the girls he’s dated in the past will tell you that he pretty much only gets involved with complete stunners – we’re talking the cream of the crop here. Models, actresses, Instagram stars, you name it – but they have to look incredible.

As W Magazine reveals in an article from 2017, Leonardo’s most recent girlfriend was Nina Agdal, and as you can see, she looks incredible even when she’s dressed casually and not trying to get attention.

But prior to that, Leonardo dated some incredible women, from Bar Refaeli to Gisele Bundchen and much more. He definitely has a “type,” as we’ll reveal later in this article, but most of the time it’s enough to just look like a perfect 10. It’s interesting to note that Nina Agdal looks perfect in this picture, even without the makeup and the fancy clothes that we’re used to seeing the model dressed up in. We wonder if this is another conscious effort of Leonardo DiCaprio – perhaps he wants his girls to look amazing even without makeup and carefully planned photoshoot? He seems to be after real beauty, not the fake kind.

14 You Probably Have To Sign Certain Forms Before Dating Him

These days, A-listers must work very hard to avoid abuse scandals. It seems like every big name these days is struggling to fight some kind of controversy involving women who they’ve dated in the past. Obviously, a legal battle like that pretty much throws your image under the bus, and nowadays people like Leonardo DiCaprio are taking steps to do everything they can to protect themselves.

It is thought that if you want to date someone like Leonardo DiCaprio, you have to sign various forms including waivers and non-disclosure Agreements that would protect the actor’s image in the event of some disagreement.

Numerous sources have reported on celebrities getting people they date to sign these forms in the past, such as OK Magazine, and it seems unthinkable that Leonardo wouldn’t do the same. What we do know is that Leonardo already makes his employees sign “aggressive NDAs,” according to the Daily Mail, and the fine print in these forms is a little strange. As the Daily Mail reports, it warns them not to repeat anything they hear Leonardo DiCaprio talk about, and they even specify that these conversations may include his dating habits and women he’s interested in romantically.

13 It Helps If You’re Already Rich And Famous

If you’re a celebrity, pretty much the number one concern these days when it comes to dating is someone taking all your money. That’s why people like Leonardo DiCaprio are so strict about getting forms signed and protecting themselves – they do not want to get sued. The chances of someone suing you or even divorcing you go way up when you’re dating someone who has a lot less money than you.

While it’s not a completely fail safe approach, it definitely helps if you date people who already have a lot of money, and a probably at least a little bit of fame. And when you look at the girls Leonardo has dated in the past (publicly, at least) almost all of them seem to be famous and successful in some way shape or form. At the very least they’re slightly obscure models who are known in the fashion world.

Probably the best example of Leonardo DiCaprio dating someone who is his economic equal would be his relationship with none other than Blake Lively.

W Magazine lists the actress as one of Leonardo’s past relationships, and it got pretty serious at one point. Although she’s now dating Ryan Reynolds, there was tons of talk about Blake Lively perhaps being “the one” for Leonardo DiCaprio. You do get the feeling that if he does settle down, it will be with a huge name like Blake Lively.

12 He Has Revealed Exactly What He Wants In A Woman 

It’s easy to judge from the outside looking in. For many people, Leonardo’s dating habits might seem a little shallow. After all, he seems to only be interested in the most beautiful women in the world. We’ve yet to see him get involved with a truly “average” woman. But is this just a huge coincidence? Is he really just looking for girls who have great personalities, who just so happen to be drop dead gorgeous? It would appear so. Leonardo DiCaprio himself has stated in interviews that the number one thing that he looks for in a woman is not looks or fame, but personality.

According to Glamour, the star was once quoted in an interview as saying that what he personally looks for in women is “humility, a sense of humour and not a lot of drama.”

While it might seem like a shocking revelation, Leonardo himself claims to be totally un-shallow. The truth is, we don’t know these women like Leonardo does. So who are we to say that they don’t have amazing personalities in addition to their insanely attractive bodies? Of course, it’s not like Leonardo would actually admit to only dating women for their looks, either. Of course he’s going to say that he only cares about their personalities. I guess we might never know the truth…

11 The Girls Have To Have A Laid-Back Attitude

We’ve already established that Leo has admitted that he values girls with good senses of humor. You can see lot’s of pictures where he’s laughing with his girlfriends, and it’s clear that he loves to just have fun when he’s with women. And the woman she’s with is none other than Kelly Rohrbach, as the Daily Mail reported. Sadly, this was in the same article where they announced the couple’s split.

Yes, Kelly and Leo’s romance didn’t last long, but it seems like the split was amicable. Probably one of the biggest reasons this relationship lasted as long as it did was that neither party took it that seriously.

Let’s not forget Leonardo DiCaprio’s words, where he admits that when he’s looking for a woman, he doesn’t want “a lot of drama,” and Kelly probably didn’t give him much. So if she was doing everything right, why’d they split? According to the Daily Mail, it came down to one simple thing – schedules. Kelly is a working actor just like Leo, and they were spending too much time apart to make it work. But as the article reveals, the feeling was mutual and they’re still friends to this day. Moral of the story – if you want a relationship with Leo, be laid-back and have fun. But it still won’t last!

10 His Girls Can’t Set Their Expectations Too High

We’ve seen a couple examples so far of Leonardo DiCaprio’s relationships that have ended before they could really blossom into something real, something lasting. So what’s the reason for this? Did any of these girls really have a chance with Leo in the long run? Or was Leonardo always going to end things before it got too serious? Well, we can learn a lot from things that Leonardo has said on the subject in the past. Leonardo DiCaprio is actually in no rush to get married and settle down, at least that’s how he’s viewed things for most of his life. It might have changed, but his latest comments on the subject suggest he isn’t looking for a wife anytime soon.

Glamour quoted Leonardo as saying, “The truth is, it’s gonna happen when it’s gonna happen. I’m just gonna let it happen naturally. I really am. That’s the only way to do it, I feel. And when it’s right, it’s gonna be right.”

So what does that mean for women who want to date Leonardo? Well, the first thing they should understand is that they really shouldn’t get their hopes up. Tons of other women have failed at tying Leo down, and it’s unlikely that they’ll have any success either. Instead of expecting a “happily ever after” ending to the relationship, women who date Leo should set their goals lower, and just try to enjoy a casual relationship.

9 It Probably Doesn’t Hurt To Share Leo’s Passions

While it’s true that Leonardo DiCaprio loves to have fun and is often spotted at some of the hottest party spots in the world, he’s also a very passionate man about real world issues, and takes his charitable endeavors in life very seriously. Leonardo has spoken out on numerous environmental and political issues, such as environmentalism and Global Climate change. He has his own charity, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

So if you want to date Leonardo DiCaprio, it probably doesn’t hurt to get interested (and more importantly, involved) in some of his favorite charities. As the Daily Mail reports, so many of the women that Leonardo has been involved with are spotted with him at various charity-related events, such as galas and parties. It’s all for a good cause, so even if Leo doesn’t invite you back to his yacht, you can still say that you made a difference.

And maybe Leonardo is waiting for that one special someone who is genuinely interested in the same kind of environmental issues as him.

We all know that what made George Clooney finally settle down was the fact that he met a woman who was passionate about human rights and worked with the United Nations. Could the same kind of woman be around the corner for Leo?

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8 His Girls Need To Prove They Can Keep Their Mouth Shut

We’ve talked before about how Leonardo might very well get his girlfriends to sign non-disclosure agreements before entering into a relationship with him, but what happens when they do start talking about the relationship to the press? It would seem obvious – Leonardo might end the relationship then and there. If you can’t be trusted to be discreet about the relationship, then it seems unlikely that Leo would trust them again in the future. One of the most illuminating examples of this comes from an article posted by the Daily Mail.

Evidence of Leo’s dating policy of complete secrecy seemed obvious when model Lily Aldridge was asked how well she knows Leo. According to the Daily Mail, the model actually refused to answer, remaining tight lipped and just shaking her head meekly in response to the question.

That’s when her friend, well-known model Gigi Hadid, jumped in to rescue her fellow model, saying, “He’s actually friends with Lily. They’ve been friends for a while, so I’ve seen him at one of her parties. But he’s always been really nice. He does have a lot of models around; I’m not one of them.” Based on this interchange, can we make the assertion that Lily Aldridge was actually told not to speak about her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio?

7 He Seems To Like Tall Women

We’ve touched on the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio seems to have a specific “type,” and judging by his past dating history, it’s clear to see that he definitely sticks to a specific type of woman. Although he might claim to pursue women based purely on their personality, it probably doesn’t hurt if you have a few of the common features seen in the women he’s dated in the past.

And the first of those traits is height. Leonardo DiCaprio has dated some pretty tall women in the past. In fact, some of them are considered some of the tallest women in the entertainment industry. A couple of examples were mentioned by Pop Sugar in a 2018 article detailing his dating history. There was of course Gisele Bundchen, who stands at a towering 5’11, and there was also the aforementioned Blake Lively, who is one of the tallest women in Hollywood at 5’10.

Standing at 6’0, Leonardo DiCaprio would be pretty much eye level with some of these women. He’d probably even be shorter than them when they’re wearing heels. So what’s the deal with the fact that he tends to date tall women? Well, the simple explanation would be that he just like models, and models tend to be short. But even if they’re not models, tall women are generally considered examples of “classical beauty,” in any case.

6 Being Blonde Raises Your Chances

If you could see the full list of women that Leonardo has dated, you’d definitely be seeing some patterns. While he does seem to favor tall women, he probably likes blonde women even more. Or it could be just a massive coincidence that nearly every single one of the women he’s had major relationships with in the past have been stunning, jaw-dropping blonde bombshells… But we think that’s pretty unlikely.

We’ve already mentioned Gisele Bundchen and Blake Lively, as well as Kelly Rohrbach and Nina Agdal. All of them are blonde. But it doesn’t stop there. Bar Refaeli is another example, as is his more recent supposed girlfriend, Camila Morrone. There are tons of other blonde women who the star has dated in addition, and these are all mentioned in the Pop Sugar article we already touched on.

Some of these women are not very well-known, but the full list of blonde women that Leonardo DiCaprio has dated would blow your mind. Sure, there are a few brunettes and redheads sprinkled in there, but they’re hardly worth mentioning. So, if you want to date Leonardo DiCaprio, it would probably help your chances if you were blonde – or at least willing to dye your hair for Leo.

5 The Majority Of His Past Girlfriends Have Been Victoria’s Secret Models

By now you’re probably noticing some very obvious trends when it comes to who Leo likes to date. And yes, a huge amount of these girls are or were models. And getting even more specific than that, a huge portion of them seem to be Victoria’s Secret angels. These are the top models in the world, and Leonardo seems to be able to take his pick when it comes to the “best of the best” of female models.

In one of the aforementioned articles by the Daily Mail, Chrissy Teigen weighed in on the topic of Leo’s obsession with models. She actually pointed out that entertainers have always been involve with models, saying, “Everyone talks about him and models, and the thing is, in this industry, that’s kind of who you’re around the most. You kind of date your coworkers, and in a way, we were coworkers. Good for all of them. Good for the girls, good for Leo.’

So if you’re trying to get Leo’s attention, you might want to become a Victoria’s Secret angel first an foremost. We know, it’s easier said than done, but from what we’ve heard and read, he seems to go to the same parties as these models, hang out with the same people, and in the end, he seems to be very popular with almost all of them.

4 He Seems To Target A Specific Age Range

Last but not least, in our quest to paint the perfect picture of Leo’s ideal woman, let’s tackle the concept of age. It seems like only yesterday that Leo was the child star sweetheart everyone thought was cute. But somehow, this actor is verging on becoming middle-aged all of a sudden, and his days of being that “boy” from The Titanic and Romeo And Juliet are long behind him.

But funnily enough, his dating habits haven’t changed much as the years have gone by. He still seems to target women at ages of around 20 to 25, as reported by numerous outlets, including Pop Sugar and W Magazine. There is an obvious appeal to younger women, but how much longer can Leo continue to date women this young? What happens when these woman are half his age?

He’ll probably still have no trouble finding women, and by the look of things, girl around that age are still interested. The above picture is of him and Sarah Snyder, famed model and Instagram personality. According to Harper’s Bazaar in 2017, they appeared to have dinner together along with other people, and the two seemed to get on pretty well – despite Leo being 43 and Sarah Snyder being just 22.

3 Don’t Expect To Have Kids With Him

Like it or not, a lot of women out there want to have children one day. Call it maternal instinct, hormones, or whatever you want, but it seems like the drive to reproduce isn’t something that’s going away any time soon. And now that Leonardo DiCaprio is in his 40s, he’s no spring chicken. A lot of people would have expected the actor to have children by now.

But what does Leo himself say about the prospect of having kids? Marie Claire quoted the actor as saying, “Do you mean do I want to bring children into a world like this? If it happens, it happens. I’d prefer not to get into specifics about it, just because then it becomes something that is misquoted. But yeah. I don’t know. To articulate how I feel about it is just gonna be misunderstood.”

But what does that mean? It’s definitely not a quote that suggests he wants to have children, but he didn’t exactly say he doesn’t want kids, either. What’s clear is that if he wanted kids, he probably would have been more open about it. But is it too late for Leo to even have children? He’s getting pretty old as it is… At the end of the day, girls who want to date Leo should probably forget about having kids altogether.

2 You Have To Be Okay With Leo Having Being Around Multiple Women

Leo seems to be most comfortable in the presence of women. Not just one woman – or even two – but sometimes up to twenty women or more. Just like everyone else on this planet, women can be pretty possessive over the men they’re interested in, but when it comes to Leo, his lady friends must accept that fact that he’s going to share his attention and time with every girl he’s hanging out with, not just one.

This might be hard to accept for some, but it’s just the way Leo likes to live his life. The aforementioned Daily Mail article included tons of testimonies from models who claimed they had once seen Leo do some incredible things when it comes to women. One claimed to have witnessed Leo leaving a popular night club with no less than twenty women with him at the time…

For some women, it can be hard to accept that the man they’re interested in doesn’t want to be around just one woman. But if you want to date Leo, that’s something you’re going to have to get used to. There are tons of pictures out there of Leonardo surrounded by women, whether he’s on the beach, surrounded by bikini-clad models, or on his yacht, throwing one of his famous parties. Which brings us to our final point…

1 You Have To Spend A Lot Of Time On Yachts If You Want To Meet Him

If you want to date Leonardo, then you should probably get used to partying on yachts… Like, all the time. Some of Leo’s most revealing pictures have been taken while he’s on board various yachts, and he’s usually surrounded by incredibly beautiful women. This seems to be where Leonardo DiCaprio is at his most social and outgoing, smiling and meeting new people in this picturesque locale.

The Daily Mail once posted an article detailing how Leonardo DiCaprio had personally flown in scores of models to party with him on board one of his yachts. This was back in 2016, when Leonardo DiCaprio was involved in one of his famous charity events, and the models were of course invited to various galas and afterparties. But the main attraction was definitely the yacht.

So if a girl really wants to get to know Leonardo DiCaprio and possibly even date him, she would increase her chances massively if she ever found herself partying on a yacht with the actor. And it could happen. Leonardo has been spotted on yachts numerous times with so-called “mystery women,” seemingly normal women who aren’t even famous. But in order to get on board, you have to be comfortable in a luxury yacht… And whatever you do, you can’t get seasick.

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