19 Best glass coffee cups you can buy in 2021 | The Sun UK

FORGET about boring old mugs – if you’re looking for a new set of coffee cups, why not pick glass?

There are some seriously stylish designs to suit every type of coffee drinker, whether your go-to caffeine kick is an espresso or a latte – and we've picked out the best glass coffee cups you can buy now.

They come in a range of price points, from fancy designer ones to budget-friendly options.

But they don’t just look good, glass coffee cups have lots of other benefits too.

Why you should pick a glass coffee cup

Just like your average ceramic mugs, glass is a neutral material that’s easy to clean and doesn’t hold on to flavours, unlike plastic or metal.

It means when you’re enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee, all the aromas are from the coffee and not from what the cup held before.

Another benefit is that glass can be recycled if you accidentally break a cup, which is ultimately better for the environment.

In contrast, most ceramics can’t be recycled – although you might be able to use it for arts and crafts, or take them to your local dump.

How to pick a good glass coffee cup

There are a couple of downsides to glass cups, which is why you should pick them carefully and tailor the choice according to what you need them for.

Glass cups tend to be thinner than ceramic, which means they don’t retain as much heat. It means your coffee will cool much more quickly if you're one of those who forgets about your drink until it's lukewarm.

To get around that, pick a double-insulated version – the ones that look like a glass within a glass – especially for something smaller like an espresso.

Another thing is that glass cups can be very fragile – so it's worth choosing a sturdier type.

If you’re using them everyday, you should look for ones made from tempered or borosilicate glass, which are much tougher and are designed to be used with hot liquids.

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