20 Captions About Love For The Royal Wedding, Because The Fairy Tale Is Real

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are living the fairy tale love story so many of us dreamed of when we were young. With the royal wedding right around the corner, we’re swooning over every single detail leading up to the big day. Wherever you will be watching the wedding unfold on TV, you will want to have the perfect caption ready to post on Instagram. If you happen to have a royal wedding party planned of your own, Instagram captions about love to celebrate the occasion are in order.

The royal wedding is taking place on Saturday, May 19. Many people are already getting their Pimm’s Cup recipes ready to toast, along with their favorite scone and cupcake recipes. Pictures of the wedding and your own party will be perfect to accompany captions about love, because that’s what the day will be all about.

So many of us will be busy observing the many little details that we’ll all inevitably fall head over heels for, including Meghan Markle’s dress and the stunning floral arrangements. Then there will be the loving looks on the bride and groom’s faces the entire time. Our social media feeds will be overflowing with all the love for this couple, so of course we want to join in on the fun, too. I did the work for you, and now you have the perfect captions for the perfect snap of royal love.

19. “And suddenly, all of the love songs are about you." — Unknown

20. “What she had realized was that love was that moment when your heart was about to burst.” ― Stieg Larsson

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